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Puzzle Bubble
April 23, 2014
selling the source code ***skype - hammyliem*** apk download: ecpm is very high - $8 per day. growth is promising! knock the bubbles down by forming clusters of three ...
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April 23, 2014
* generating $25 per day * in app purchase to remove ads * admob integrated if you are interested, add me at skype - hammyliem or send me message at link:
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Islam – Hadith Collection and Sholat Timer
1 hour ago
bug free and well documented both for $249 - price negotiable contact me at skype - hammyliem if you are interested with this app to try the app:
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April 21, 2014
cheapest price! it's complete project (template) that allow you to create unique quiz game within 15 minutes! just follow a few steps listed in documentation. features: - supports all screen resolutions - created with android sdk (works very fast on...
1116 total views, 11 today
April 20, 2014
hi! we are keath enterprises and we have two great app source codes to present to you! falling birds: falling birds is a newly updated game app. i bought it when it had a lot of glitches and was very inconvenient to players. then, i made many great ch...
869 total views, 11 today
April 19, 2014
*re-skin license. you get 1 license (1 derivative). if you choose to make a derivative, you must change all graphics, layout, audio, and title. description: get your brain in shape this year with brain trainer! train your brain and increase your ...
38 total views, 6 today
April 11, 2014
the price is listed in front of every app! search engine for music ($200) free music download app also a music player and downloader you can find the link here at this momen...
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Search and Download Music App & More
April 11, 2014
the app is a search engine for music. also a music player and downloader you can find the link here it\'s a music search engine based on soundcloud. you can add new search en...
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April 10, 2014
a very good looking app for drawing or sketching. comes admob enabled including a kiip feature which rewards users for using the app everyday. *source code only. extra for full rights. **i will help you upload your version to the google play store. ***drop...
86 total views, 3 today
April 9, 2014
price negotiable!!! casino games. slot machine. download at: admob and vlunge integrated! contact me at skype - hammyliem. or shoot me an email at ...
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