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Do what you do best, sell your codes with us and earn high commissions, as a developer you will give support to your buyers through a simple and highly convenient system and we will take care of the rest. You get to create yourself another potential revenue stream and don’t need to bother around marketing and accountancy efforts. Join us today and expose your work to our thriving buyer network.

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How does it work

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Arrange your source code as a kit by organizing it’s needed libraries, create a documentation PDF that explains how to work with it and upload it to our marketplace.

Item Pricing

You provide us with a price for a single app license and a multiple app license for your app, we will process it and adjust it to the marketplace.

Item approval

Our team reviews your codes to make sure the quality of code and documentation fits our standards. When the process is complete (what usually takes several days) you will get a notice that your product is live on the marketplace.

Get Money

Start selling your codes, keep track of your sales via your personal dashboard and enjoy your new revenue stream – You are awesome!

The Rules

We keep SellMyApp marketplace fair and square, you get to code and provide support to your buyers through our marketplace. The more diligent you will be the more likely it is that you will attract more buyers – for more information read our developer terms and conditions.


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