Developers Beware of a fake email that is asking you to reupload your files


We have come to know from several developers in the community that they got a fake email asking them to reupload their source code to our site.

Here is how the fake email looks like :



We will never send you an email asking you to reupload your files

If there will ever be any issues with your package you will get a message from us only via the inner inbox on the domain. never believe any emails that ask you to upload your files.

And to make it clear again for you. You will never get any email from us requiring to upload your files. if you get an email as such you can be 100% certain that it is a fraud.

How to recognize this fake email

  1. the sender is not [email protected] it is a fake gmail address [email protected]. We will never send you any email from any domain but
  2. Always look in the address bar of your browser when you click on any link. you will see that this scam has the URL….. which this scammer probably hacked and implemented the HTML template in.
  3. under no circumstances you will be required to upload your file again in order to get payment.
  4. Always if you suspect anything please email us at [email protected] and ask us if we sent you any email if you are not sure.

In some cases it may look like an email from [email protected] – BE CAREFUL!

In this image you will see the another email that looks like it is from us :

second variation

This is how you identify the email is not from us:

  1. Click on the RED LOCK which indicates this email is not secure. you will see it’s most likely marked as “not sent from the same address that is displayed”.
  2. Pay attention to the links you are surfing to! The link that asks you to upload the file is not the domain


How did they know my email address?

They used the demo links on the site. so any author that has demo links on their product pages might get an email to that address from these scammers. As they simply click through to the Google play / appstore links you provided and contact you this way.

Here is how the scam link looks from the inside



Stay Safe,

The Sell My App Team.


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