123 Kids Count Educational Game : Preschool Learning

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Welcome to the Kids Count Educational Preschool Learning Game 2020. This is an offline best game specially designed for toddlers who have an interest and started their carrier of life from a begging stage.

Did your child at a beginner stage of learning. ? If yes, then you came into the right place where your toddler will learn a different thing from this app

• 123 kids Counting
• Kids Quiz Learning
• Kids Color Filling
• Trace a Number

This game is quite interesting and gives you a better result to explore your toddler, how sharp and quick he learns from this app. The app is here to help your child to learn fast, brain test grasp, count coloring, and learn numbers fast.

As we all know, Children of the early days learn from books but now a day, smartphone grab their attention. So there is the best way to teach him via phone with fun. Keeping their interest in mind, we’ve come up with this amazing 123 Count Kids Educational Learning Game app that will keep your child busy with fun.

Be relax!!! 

Your kid will learn In this app: how to pronounce the count number, choose the number by quiz base system with the animal. There are beautiful illustrations that will grab your kid’s attention with smooth eye-catchy color and a cool animation effect.

Our educational kids learning game show the number to the children and teach them to recognize the sharp number as they appear. When kids will click on the number while they’re learning, they are much more likely to recall the information ever. It also makes sense to learn more frequently, which will give them a better boost result when they start kindergarten school.

There are different types of sounds that will motivate your kids via clap sound, ballon animation, and much more inspiring things, they came when the kids choose the right answer from their sharp minds.

As a result, pre-school kids learn things from their sounds much faster than written ones.

•Learn the module with the spell, and pronounce sound correctly
•Count the right number of animal quantity, quiz-based learning
•Touch the animal to count up the number and hide it from the screen
•Trace a number, through which they will be discovered by it written.



  • 64 Bit Supported
  • Unity 2018.4.4f1 or Above
  • Free & Easy to play
  • Different learning Modes
  • Simple, unique, colorful, and best gameplay
  • Smooth and easy to play
  • Thrilling sound effects with playback music
  • Easy to learn and move fast
  • Learn as fast as you can
  • High-Quality graphics and cool animation effects
  • Available in offline mode
  • Small apps size to download it in a quick timer
  • Available offline mode for all gaming lovers
  • Unlock the other part via in-app which is a small amount against learning

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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