2048 Rejuvenation – Feature Riched Fun Puzzle Game

2048 Rejuvenation – Feature Riched Fun Puzzle Game
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2048 rejuvenated for the iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch including new game modes, board sizes, sharing and a lot more features. 

2048 Puzzle game is an amazing, addictive and a very simple puzzle game. Your objective is to swipe the tiles, when two tiles with the same number or face are matched, they merge into one.


What’s Unique in 2048 Rejuvenation?

Its 3-5-7 Get Set and GO. . .

◄Choose From 3 Different Game Modes►
◄Choose From 7 Different Color Themes►
◄Choose From 5 Different Boards►

This 2048 puzzle game includes the original “Classic 2048 Mode” along with Two new modes, designed to challenge your reflexes and quick-thinking abilities!

Amazing Game Features:
► Clean and Simplest UI
► High score
► Leader board
► Three unique game modes
► Five board sizes
► Seven Beautiful Themes
► Easily share game with friends 

Three Different Game Modes:

Classic 2048 Mode:
► Join the similar numbers, double them 4,8,16,..1024….get to the 2048 tile! 
► It is working on 2×2 Binary!
► When ever a ‘2048’ tile is created, the Player wins! 
► You can also enable ‘4096’ or ‘8192’ as final winning tile! 

English Alphabets Mode:
► Swipe same alphabets to get the next alphabet on tile. e.g. match A with A to give B, and so on . . . 
►When ever a ‘Z’ tile is created, the Player wins! 

Universal Elements Mode:
► Match periodic table elements, swipe and match them to get the next element listed with in the table. 
► When you Swipe and match Hydrogen with Hydrogen it gives Lithium 
e.g. H x H = Li and so on. Get to the Zirconium ‘Zr’ finally to win the game.
► When ever a ‘Zr’ tile is created, the Player wins! 

Five different Board sizes:
► Challenge yourself without getting board or stucked. 
► 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6 and 7×7 tiles boards are also available to be enabled from game settings options. 

Seven Color Themes:
There are 7 beautiful themes to play with, without getting bored, namely:

Biscay,Bone,Calm,Eden,Royal,Sienna & Victoria

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2048 was also nominated as “Game of the day, 28th July” @Designnominees as they mentioned on their twitter

Love and Appreciation World Wide

Read How different gamers from all around the world praising our 2048 game

“The alphabet mode is great and real fun, haven’t seen anything like that before. The themes are beautiful! Really exciting!”

[Amazing 2048 game – SamJohnes from USA]

“2048 one of the best puzzle game for me with so many features within single game, i can play with many different modes and beautiful color theme must try recommended
I really like it” 
[Nice game – Mojo iOS from Germany]


“I love this game much…easy to use..my son loves to play this game..love it :)”
[Amazing game – Jim clerkson from Cyprus]

“Perfect when you want to enjoy passing time. I play it everyday morning in the metro, and love every minute of it.” 

[Very cool and addictive – Sina Motakef from Canada]

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