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The Airport Security (AS) is responsibleforthe protection of the airports and the planes on-ground orin-airand the facilities. Airport Security protects the civilaviationindustry against unlawful activities, adopting counterterrorismmeasures, preventing crime and maintaining law and orderwithin thelimits of Airports.
Due to a large number of people at airport during all the 24hours,it can be a fit target for all types of criminal activitiesliketerrorism,hijacking,attacks and threats. Airport security triestoprevent any threats or any dangerous situations from arisingorentering the country.
These type of dangerous situations can be reduced ifairportsecurity does succeed in fulfilling its duty and task.Airportsecurity serves several more purposes like protecting theairportand country from any threats, to give assurance to thetravelingpublic about their safety and to protect the country andtheirpeople.

“Airport security support the national security and peace initsgiven area, it also saves aircraft, passengers, and crew fromanyharm”.

In this game the player has to play the very role ofAirportsecurity. The situation that is given to you to play yourpart isthat United State Airport is going through daily routine.Today’sroutine is to deliver some special operative files anddocuments.All of a sudden, a group of terrorists attacked theairport. Nowyour assigned task is to stop the terrorist to snatchthosedocuments and safeguard the plane at the same time as this isthemain responsibility of airport security. Terrorists aretryingtheir best to get the documents and to reach the planeforthreatening, your assigned task is to kill them all. Make yourmarkas the Airport Security Legend.
You need tremendous driving skills and art of fightingthroughCommando Gunship jeep.
Your Goal is to support Commando by driving their Gunship carandstop n Execute terrorist. Demolish their Plan and savetheairport.
Now be a brave driver and have an ultimate commando Gunshipcardriving experience.


Best 3D gaming experience
Ultimate Driving experience
Realistic Airport Environment
Difficult Missions

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