Al-Moazin for Prayer Times and Azan voice

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Al Moazin for prayer times and Azan has devolved by Android studio helping users to don’t miss prayer times anytime even if you traveled or moved to a totally new country or city ,


  • Al Moazin determines by accuracy day and night prayer times depending on your location


automatically using GPS integration with possibility to chose your location country and city manually ,

feature with very specialized calculation improved by many Islamic prayer times calculation method and doctrine , That

you also have a free chose to determine which method is appropriate for you

Al Moazin helps you also to determine Qibla direction wherever you are ! with integrated feature Qibla place direcation

Al Moazin support more then 4 langues and more then 5 Azan voices that you can chose between it with easy setting

and interface that allow you full control of all setting and features



Auto Prayer Times azan with most beautiful azan voices .

◘ Possibility to chose between 5 different azan prayer voices such as ( Abd El-Basat Abd El-samad , Mohammad Ali Albana ,Mohammad Kalil Raml ,Ali ben Ahmed Mala ) .

◘ Counting down time for next Prayer time .

◘ Azan control On /Off , for Prayer Times , flexibility to chose which (Salah) Prayer with Azan sound and which off .

◘ Auto Prayer Times calculation depending on your location with flexible control to chose your location country and city manually as you wish .

◘ Full translated and supported 4 world wide languages ( Arabic , English , French , Italian ) easy to switch between them without changing telephone language , in addition ability to add unlimited translate as you want as well as translation is very easy and simple to do by translated only one file .

◘ Animated 3d compass helping user determine Qubla direction .

◘ Admob integrated with high click rate position banner .

◘ Easy to reskin just in minutes , Clean Android Studio code with well documentation guide that help you release your Prayer Time app .

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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