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The App Template can be used by everyone who wants to share jokes; thoughts; funny posts , messages ,stories .

Android Joke App Template has user-friendly interface with easy to manage content. To use the app you just have to add the joke to the parse dashboard , with all your jokes and they get added to the app automatically . When the app is started on user’s phone, it will pull all jokes from parse if the user is offline it will show him the last jokes that were pulled from parse.

You can update the content whenever you want, your users will instantly get the newly added jokes when they start the application. and better if you don’t want to use parse we help you do it 



  • The Jokes are loaded from parse dashboard  ;
  • Font Size Control;
  • Share via Email, Facebook or Twitter;
  • swipe left or right for  jokes;
  • easy to add jokes ;
  • works offline and online ;
  • Accessibility: parse dashboard is easy to use even if you don’t know anything about apps;
  • Easy customization: colors, pictures, texts;
  • AdMob, migrated to Google Play Services;
  • (NEW) Error Page when there is no internet connection and the app has no offline jokes;
  • (NEW) Offline Mode;
  • (NEW) You can use local arraylist to add jokes if you didn’t want to use parse ;
  • (NEW) Confirmation dialog for leaving the app.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Platforms Android 4.1.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0
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