Babloo’z Vs Zombies (Complete Game)

Babloo’z Vs Zombies (Complete Game)
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Babloo’z Vs Zombies is 2D Side Scrolling Zombie Survival Shooter Game. In this Game The player needs to survive as well as complete various missions for level unlocking and moving advance in the game. The game comes with 3 different worlds each of which contains 7 different action and thrill filled levels. Equip yourself with upgraded guns, Melee-Weapons, booster and take along your companion of journey on an amazing zombie shooting adventure.

Demo Apk

*Uses Unity Anima2D (Free Tool) for Animations.
**Important: All sprites of characters used in this game are for promotional purposes only. Hence, not included in the Package. If any one needed with graphics as in demo apk can contact us.



– Complete game with source code
– Supports Multiple Platforms Fully optimized for Mobile, Web and Desktop
– Add More Levels 4 Different game Worlds, each with 7 levels. Add as many more as you want

– Eye catching Graphics, animations and sounds
– Multiple Weapons and Booster 19 Different guns, 10 booster and 3 melee weapons

– Get Free Rewards Unity Ads Integrated. Player have to watch video to get reward
– Unity IAP Integrated for all supported platforms
– Easy to customize Editor Support to modify game levels, boosters, guns, upgrades and much more easily

– Boost x2, x3, x4 EXP: Player can buy the boost exp package.
– Many Different Skins (Available Soon – Separately)
– Custom Reskin Service available

There is variety of different guns, grandees, weapons, boosters and companion each with different abilities that can help you complete your level and earn the highest score in every level. The mission for each level is different and tougher than before and you won’t get bored. The Objectives starts from killing a minimum number of zombies to protecting people in the game, collecting coins and tokens, blasting various in game objects (like boxes, old TVs, gas cylinders), protecting your car, going far and deep in the apocalypse world and above all keep yourself alive.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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