Berry Match Three: PRO

Berry Match Three: PRO

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current version : 26.09.16 – Version 4.2.1

bugs that were found in bug fixer are now all 100% fixed.

Source code is now running on unity 5.4


Berry Match Three is the best Match-3 open source code engine you can find. This game has a very nice graphic design that you can substitute with your own original graphics. In this game you will also find a multitude of play modes and power ups.
The project contains a series of tools for fast project setup. They include a global settings editor, level editor, rules editor, localization editor etc. The project is in active development, so this list will be appended.


The the demo is available via the link below.

Google Play: DEMO


  • Powerful Level Editor. Import/export of levels into individual files.

  • Level types: Target Score – collect the specified number of points, Jelly Crush – clear the level of jelly, Block Crush – clear the level of wooden blocks, Sugar Drop – drop all sugar chips, Color Collection – destroy the specified number of chips, Jam – fill the level with jam, Duel with Ted – fill the level with jam before your opponent.

  • Level limitations: Moves – the player has a limited number of moves, Timer – the player has a limited amount of time.

  • Power ups: CrossBomb – destroys all berries in its row and column. SimpleBomb – destroys all neighboring berries. ColorBomb – destroys all berries of its own color, VLineBomb and HLineBomb – destroys the corresponding horizontal and vertical rows of berries. Ladybird – a smart bomb that searches for the most attractive berry and destroys it, UltraColorBomb – a bomb that, at the player’s will, destroys all berries of the same color as one of the neighboring berries. LightningBomb – a bomb creating a chain reaction of destroying chips.

  • A huge number of mixing effects. The player may mix any pair of power ups, thus creating a unique effect with more powerful destructive capability.

  • Obstacles: Wood Block – a destroyable block, Stone – a chip that behaves like a destroyable block, Weed – a destroyable block that creates new blocks of the same type with each move. Branch – a block that contains a berry – it may be destroyed if you try to destroy the berry it contains.

  • Other mechanics: Teleport – allows to link remote slots to each other, as a result the berries begin to teleport, Wall – unbreakable obstacle, that blocks the movement of chips from one slot to the next. Gravity Direction – you may specify the direction of chips falling for each slot.

  • Easily expandable level map. You may create a huge level map using repeating parts.

  • 75 ready-made levels.

  • Built-in In-App Purchases system, as well as an in-game shop that allows the player to buy in-game goods. For real money and for in-game currency.

  • Built-in advertisement networks: Chartboost, UnityAds, AdColony and AdMob. They allow to monetize your application by means of showing video ads. There is also a way to reward the player for viewing an extra ad video.

  • A system of cut-scenes. You may write a short dialog between the two players that will play back every time you launch a pre-selected level. This allows to introduce exciting tutorial moments into the game as well as enrich the game with a plot.

  • Daily rewards. The project contains a mini-game – the Wheel of Fortune that allows the player to win a random prize once a day. In addition to that, the player may purchase tickets for this mini-game for in-game currency.

  • The energy system. Each unsuccessful attempt of passing one or another level reduces the life of a player. Life regenerates with time. This technique keeps the player interested longer. Besides, lives can be bought in the shop, or won at the Wheel of Fortune.

  • Gameplay synchronization. By player’s wish he can connect the game to his Facebook profile and save the progress in the cloud and, as a result, play on multiple devices. This is made possible by the Backendless cloud database service.

  • Leaderloards. Each level has its own list of leaders, where the player may compete with his Facebook friends as well as with fake players from the Berry Match-Three universe.

  • Text localization. The project has already been translated into English and Russian, and you may easily add additional language. The player may select any language available right in the game’s settings.

  • Local notifications. The player will always know it’s time to play again. Each time when the player’s lives will be refilled, he will receive a message on his/her telephone. This concerns the daily rewards too. Also, the game will wish the player good morning if he ever forgets to play it :)

  • The user interface is adapted for various screen resolutions, for portrait as well as landscape screen orientation as well as for digitizer and mouse controls.

  • The game is abundant with nice sounds. All effects are provided with a sound, and are accompanied with two beautiful melodies.

  • BerryPanel. The most part of the main settings is located on one panel. There you will also find a way to send an email to the creator of the game with a question or a bug report, and receive an email in reply.

  • Fixer. A fast error fixing module allows you to instantly get a list of all bugs known to the author and fix them in one click without diving into the source code.

  • The game has been tested on Android and iOS platforms.

Feel free to ask the developer an additional question related to the project’s capabilities.
The the demo is available via the link below.

Google Play: DEMO

Changes log

12.07.17 – Version 4.2.6

Fixed a couple of major bugs.

20.06.17 – Version 4.2.5

Fixed a couple of major bugs.

26.11.16 – Version 4.2.4

Fixed problem with friends invitation.

Fixed some more major bugs.

03.11.16 – Version 4.2.3

Folder with sounds and music is restored

Bounce effect when chips is falling on the field is added.

20.10.16 – Version 4.2.2

Removed test level from level list

Fixed a bug, when first cutscene doesn’t work

26.09.16 – Version 4.2.1

bugs that were found in bug fixer are now all 100% fixed.

Source code is now running on unity 5.4

15.08.15 – Version 4.2 

Initial release


5 Reviews

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power2k Buyer on 13 Nov 2016, 03:08:01

Also, sharing scores on Facebook does NOT work for some reason. Every time I hit Share button, then a Facebook window pops out and says ‘Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on it and we’ll get it fixed as soon as we can’.


How to fix this??

power2k Buyer on 13 Nov 2016, 03:08:38

I really don’t think you should claim this package as BUG-FREE, as it’s obviously NOT TRUE!!!

Viktor Yurov Author on 13 Nov 2016, 06:51:52

Hello @power2k,

I know that it is not perfect, and I know that it doesn’t have good documentation. You may write me about it again and again. It will change nothing.

I am trying to optimize the code (and the project at all) now, it is not easy work, it is pretty hard. If I will write largest and greatest ever documentation for 4.2 now, but it will not actual in 2-3 month, but I sure it will take a lot of time for me now. Useless work.

I answered your questions by email.

power2k Buyer on 13 Nov 2016, 14:52:19

Thanks Viktor for your fair words. I know this is not a small project – I never said it is.


The reason I’m writing so many times to you and spending night in and night out on this thing is I think this is a very promising and feature-rich Match 3 game project better than any similar Match-3 templates one can get. I work as hard is because I want to help not only myself but you, the seller to come up with a nice, bug-free, user-friendly, and nearly perfect project, and hope eventually both of us will benefit from doing so. SO don’t get me wrong!


Also thanks for sending me the email answering all my questions, please see my reply as well.

power2k Buyer on 08 Nov 2016, 01:25:37

Hi Viktor,


One question to ask:

I want to change the number of seeds that the player gets after watching ads. Right now it’s set as 2, I want to change it to 5, which code should I edit to make this change?


One more favor to ask:

Can you please add a bit of animation after more than 3 same items get matched – like a little splash or explosions? Again, this is another MUST-HAVE feature that all great match-3 games do have. I guess you can set up a sequence of 3-4 little images (per each color type) that hold this effect of splash/explosion, and once berries get matched it triggers this little animation. IF you can add this, it will be very very good, which elevates the quality of this package even higher!


Thanks and solutes to all your great work!

Viktor Yurov Author on 11 Nov 2016, 06:35:05

Hello @power2k,


You can change this parameter in BerryStorePurchaserRewardedVideo component. It is located in UI – Store – BG – Area – ScrollRect – Grid – StoreItemRewardedVideo_seeds object. There is “Good Count” parameter which is set on 2. If you change it on 4 for example, player will receive 4 seeds instead of 2.

What kind of animation do you mean? I have not understood.


power2k Buyer on 11 Nov 2016, 16:00:11

Hi Viktor,


Thanks for the info regarding the Good Count parameter which is quite helpful.


For the animation I mentioned, if you play all the other match-3 games you will see some EFFECTS (like splash or explosions) after same items get matched in addition to points pop up. See the following image (arrows pointed areas):


You can also see this in Candy Crush game (see those little shining stars and circles after candies get match in addition to points pop up):


This is a great effect that this package is still MISSING! If you can add that, it will make this package extremely perfect!



power2k Buyer on 04 Nov 2016, 17:33:46

Hi Viktor,


I found editing the MAP is totally a Pain! Why can’t you create a MAP scene so that we can easily and VISUALLY edit the map and all the positions of level buttons.


And, why the MapLocation_END use a JPG graph while the other MapLocaion_x are all PNGs? I replaced the last one with PNG file but the location is bad, how to move PrevioiusConnect and LastConnet objects??


Please give a Video tutorial on how to change Level Map as it’s just a pain for Unity novice like me.



Viktor Yurov Author on 05 Nov 2016, 06:30:51

Hi @power2k,

Hah! I really don’t know why. Is there any problems with it?

Here some information about how to edit the map

power2k Buyer on 02 Nov 2016, 16:13:01

Please look at the following two screenshots – half of the screen on my Android device is BLACK when switching between Portrait and Lanscape mode:

power2k Buyer on 02 Nov 2016, 16:16:28

And this is observed with the latest version of the package (v4.2.2) – I didn’t do any changes or reskins at all – just directly built and played on my device! No sound and half of the screen blacked off! What can I say??



Viktor Yurov Author on 03 Nov 2016, 06:21:40

Hello @power2k,


I made the bounce effect as you asked. I will submit mini-update today.


And thank you for told me about sounds, I don’t know how it was removed, but it really removed. I already put it back, now it works.


You can close DebugPanel by clicking on Lock – Close buttons in the game view. Or just deactivate DebugPanel game object in the scene in Unity.


I just checked the issue with black screen on my Galaxy S4 and it works fine. I don’t see any black screens when I am changing orientation of the screen. So I think that is the problem of your phone. Have you tried to build it on another devices?


I am working now for optimization the code. After next big update your work with the project will be much easier. And I am going to provide more tutorials about how to make new boosters, chips and game modes. It will be pretty fun.

power2k Buyer on 03 Nov 2016, 14:48:37

Thanks Viktor, will check out the new updated version.


Two more questions:

1) how to edit the cut screens (the conversation text between those two characters)?

2) Why the H- and L-bombs cannot be created by matching four items while they can only be given as bonus at the end of each level?



power2k Buyer on 03 Nov 2016, 14:49:21

Sorry I meant to say Horizontal and Vertical line bombs – why they can NOT be created by matching berries?

power2k Buyer on 03 Nov 2016, 15:15:58

The new version looks all fine now, sound is back and I love the bounce effect you added in – it’s exactly what I wanted.


Thanks again Viktor – GOOD JOB!!!

Viktor Yurov Author on 05 Nov 2016, 06:28:02

Hi @power2k,

You can edit cut-scenes in the Level Editor. There is the Cut Scene Editor below the Level Editor.

Cut scene is just a list of actions, which is playing in sequence. You may check examples to understand how it works.

You can make any kind of bombs is created by matching. You can edit these rules in BerryPanel – Combinations. There you find the list of combinations. Priority parameter is a wieght of this rule. Square means that a combination must be 2×2 sqaure of chips. Vert. means that a combination must have 3 or more chips in vertical line. Horiz. is the same, but in horizontal line. Count is how many chips this combination must have. And PowerUp.. here you need to select, what kind of bomb, will be created as result of matching.


power2k Buyer on 05 Nov 2016, 13:38:53

Thanks for the info, this is really helpful.


I really wish you can put all these things in the documentation. I mean this is a huge package with unlimited possibilities!! But it’s just poorly documented and current menu doesn’t cover everything.


You put lots of efforts into this and please let the buyers know how to use every feature of it.



power2k Buyer on 21 Oct 2016, 15:45:19

Ok, for the following Ads Network set-up:

“Built-in advertisement networks: ChartboostUnityAdsAdColony andAdMob. They allow to monetize your application by means of showing video ads. There is also a way to reward the player for viewing an extra ad video.”

I do NOT see any instructions regarding these Ads network set up in the following Menu:

I have questions about how to set up Ads account, Ads display (frequency etc) and extra Ad video (UnityAds) in the source code.

Can you please provide any details here? Thanks.

Viktor Yurov Author on 21 Oct 2016, 16:08:12

Hello @power2k,

You need to sign up to these networks. And create ids for your app, like if you are making it for any other application. I don’t need to describe this instruction, it is not an exclusive information, I am sure you can find official instructions.

After that you need to write these ids into the project. You can write these in BerryPanel – Advertising.


Viktor Yurov Author on 21 Oct 2016, 16:19:33

As for frequncies, you can set it up BerryPanel – Other: Ad Minimal Delay (min)

You can also choose pages for showing advertising. You can make it in BerryPanel – UI. There you will find list of pages. Just click Edit near one of them and set the toggle Show Ads.

Rewarded ads available only in Store page. There is a example rewarded ads item in the store. You can find it in the scene UI / Store / BG / Area / ScrollRect / Grid / StoreItemRewardedVideo_seeds. This one adds 2 seeds for one video watch. You can duplicate it and change BerryStorePurchaserRewardedVedio component in the inspector. There you can easy to find Good Id and Good Count – this is what and how much player will receive.

power2k Buyer on 21 Oct 2016, 16:29:36

Thanks for your quick response Viktor. I really hope you can add this instruction into the Menu as it will be helpful for all the buyers, because Ads is the most important part from the developer’s perspective. Thanks again.

power2k Buyer on 22 Oct 2016, 05:28:52

Ok, one more question. I see there are four Ads networks: UnityAds, Chartboost, AdMob, and AdColony.

If I turn all of them ON, and choose Win page to show Ads, will all Ads show at the same time or one of them is randomly shown?


Viktor Yurov Author on 22 Oct 2016, 05:53:27

Hello @power2k,

Sure I will add it. I am going to write some good tutorials until the end of the year. Now I unfortunately have not a time. But it is one of most priority tasks for me now: make work with the engine much easier.

As for you question: It will create a list of networks which is available to show an ads. And one of them will be shown randomly.

power2k Buyer on 22 Oct 2016, 14:32:47

Thanks Man! This is certainly the best Match-3 source code ever!

Viktor Yurov Author on 24 Oct 2016, 07:48:36

Hi @power2k,

Thanks for your feedback :) You may leave a review under this product, it would be awesome!

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