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GBS Studio is a market leader in providing the best Unity A+ source codes for re-skinning iOS & Android games.GBS Studio has decided to offer our ever-growing community an offer that you just simply cannot overlook!Use the Hand or Mobile Pen to trace and fill the letters (Lowercase, Uppercase), numbers and words or sentences. Complete tracing package which you can use to create your own shapes or different languages for the tracing using Line or Fill features. It includes a set of built-in Editors used to manage and create your own shapes easily. Ready for publishing! 

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Key Features ⚪ Ability to create different language(s)⚪ Smooth Tracing and Filling⚪ A-Z Uppercase Complete Letters⚪ A-Z Lowercase Complete Letters⚪ 0-9 Complete Numbers⚪ 26 Words and ability to add more⚪ Tracing Helper (Hint)⚪ Letters & Numbers Pronunciation⚪ Shapes Managers⚪ Shapes Factory ~NEW⚪ Line/Fill Tracing ~NEW⚪ Words/Sentence Generator ~NEW⚪ Singleton Manager⚪ Win, Reset Dialogs⚪ Sound Effects⚪ Particles Effects⚪ Fourteen Colored Pencils⚪ Support Mobile, Web, and more Platforms⚪ Complete set of scenes⚪ Extra Backgrounds⚪ Unity UI built-in features⚪ Advertisements Manager⚪ Admob Integration⚪ Chartboost Integration⚪ Unity Ads Integration⚪ Persistent data (loading & saving)⚪ Scrollable lists⚪ Letters Rating⚪ Debug messages⚪ Commented source code in C#⚪ Package ManualFully Support  As well as supports Unity 2017, 2018, 2019 or Higher.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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