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Caps Battle
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Caps Battle is a Chinese traditional board game for two players. It is popularly know in Chinese as Pong Hua K’I. In Korea, it is known as Ou-moul-ko-no or Umul Gonu or as Gang Gonu. “Umul” translates as “a spring”, and the appearance of the board is like that of a spring in the center, with water running out in all directions.

How to Play
The board consists of 5 vertices and 7 edges. Each player has two pieces. Players take turns to move. At each turn, the player moves one of their two pieces into the adjacent vacant vertex. If a player can’t move, they lose.

Available in two modes to play with friends and with AI. Choose your favourite animal cap and accept the challenge.


✔Easy to re skin and launch
✔Android and iOS ready
✔Admob Ads integrated
✔Unique rare game

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