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We are excited to introduce a unique game that will bring a fresh breath of air to the entertainment world. Our game caters to a broad audience with its multiplayer modes, rich content, and endless gameplay possibilities. With meticulously designed races, various missions, interface designs, and unique game scenes, we aim to provide players with an unforgettable experience.

This game appeals to a wide audience with its high-quality graphics, rich content, and flexible game modes. You can capitalize on the game’s potential and solidify your place in the gaming market. With this unique game, you can make a significant impact in the gaming world and achieve great success!

Important Note: The vehicle models within the project are in .blend format. Therefore, to ensure the project runs smoothly, Blender application must be installed on your computer. If Blender is not installed, the meshes of the vehicles will be invisible. This issue will be addressed as soon as possible, and all models in .blend format will be converted to .fbx format.


Game Content and Features
General Features:
* Easily editable scripts make project control effortless!
* Carefully crafted videos enhance the game without increasing its size.
* Tweens and interface design are captivating for players.
* The game can be played in 2D or 3D mode thanks to both perspective and orthographic cameras.
* Enhance the game with the High setting, adding trees, buildings, rocks, etc., or simplify it with the Low setting, allowing users to focus on the main theme.
* The tutorial covers all themes, special powers, and controls, keeping the user informed and engaged before they start playing.
Special Powers:
* Provide users with conveniences to make the game more enjoyable.
* Magnet: Collects gold with magnetic power for “TO BE DETERMINED” seconds.
* 4×4: Enlarges the vehicle’s wheels and improves control for “TO BE DETERMINED” seconds.
* Nitro: Boosts the vehicle’s speed for “TO BE DETERMINED” seconds.
* Various game modes cater to all tastes, keeping players engaged.
* 2P & 4P Racing Modes: Compete with 2 or 4 characters.
* Racers are chosen randomly, but power control is proportional to the player’s selected vehicle’s power.
* Endless Roads: Infinite road options to explore and race, ensuring players never get bored.
* The value of collected gold increases as the distance covered increases.
* Each scene has its own high score, and players earn extra money upon reaching the designated distance.
* In the forest theme, the type of trees changes every 60 seconds, creating a seasonal transition effect.
* Missions and Goals: 18 different missions, each with its own challenges and rewards.
* Collecting diamonds
* Collecting gold
* Racing against time
* Racing with a random racer
Vehicle and Character Options:
* 11 Vehicles: Purchaseable and upgradeable vehicle options.
* 7 Characters: Diverse characters add variety to the game.
Various Game Scenes:
* 5 Different Scenes:
* 2 Night Scenes
* 3 Day Scenes
* Themes:
* Desert
* Snowy Mountain
* Forest
Ad Integration:
* Ad-Friendly Infrastructure: Prepared to help you generate additional income from your game.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Platforms Unity 2020
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