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Estimated app configuration and publish time as per document: 8 Hours

Notes for Buyer [Read this before purchase]

  1. Before purchasing, first check out the game features clearly in the PlayStore game. Everything is clearly shown in the game. We will provide support if there is any crashing or errors occur in our code.
  2. Please follow the document till the end and read all links mentioned in the document to complete the configuration process.
  3. Read our FAQ/Support page for common queries generated by buyers before you contact us.
  4. Share Invoice via email when you contact us for help. We will not help if you do not provide Invoice.
  5. We are updating our code with latest libary version and updated PlayStore policy. We are not responsible if your app/game gets rejected because you are using older version code and keep that code updating and do not use our latest version code.
  6. We have published this game on PlayStore only and tested PlayStore downloaded game only. We are not responsible if any of our game services does not work on other platforms like Amazon Store or any other store except Google PlayStore.


  1. Contains 140+ varieties of pre-installed images with 9 types of different categories to fill colors
  2. Load Categories and Images from Database.
  3. Image Functionality:
    • Select color from wide range of color pallet
    • Save and store your color fill image.
    • Undo/Redo actions for filled colors
    • Pick fill color from image
    • Reset your image to default to fill color from start.
    • Share filled color image
    • Continue from where you left
    • Check your color fill image on image list.
  4. Admob:
    • Banner Ad
    • Interstitial Ad
    • Reward Video Ad
  5. Firebase:
    • Messaging [Push Notification]
    • Crashlytics
    • Remote Config
    • Performance Monitoring
  6. In-App Purchase:
    • Remove Ads [One Time Purchase]
    • Monthly Subscription [Subscription Purhcase]
    • Supports one time Free trial subscription
  7. Common Features:
    • Rate App
    • Feedback
    • Share app
    • In-App Review
    • In-App Update
    • 64 Bit Supported
  8. Security:
    • Secured app code by using proguard
    • Disabled root device support.
    • Store image in internal storage so, only Color Book application can access it.

What’s New:

  1. Removed Butterknife library and implemented DataBinding
  2. Updated all libraries to latest version.

Suggestions are always welcome. Comment your suggestion and we will try to implement that in new version if possible.

We kindly request you check FAQs/Support page before contacting us for common queries. Download App From here:


  1. Android Studio 4.1.1
  2. Android SDK
  3. Java
  4. AdMob Account
  5. Firebase Account
  6. Google Play Developer Console Account

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Platforms Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Android 9.0, Android 10.0
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