Counter Atack : Go War [Clone] Android & IOS

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Unity Counter Atack : Go War

Publish game to Android, iOS and other platforms.
Photon Unity Networking for multiplayer. You don’t need server for this game.

Game made Unity 2018.2.6f1 was also built with 0 errors.

Download APK : v.1.0.4



Updates that will come over time.

Warning: After some updates, there will be a price increase …. !

  • New Maps.
  • New Counter and Terorist Players Models.
  • New weapons and Skins.
  • Opening a safe.
  • Ads(Unity Ads, Google Admob)
  • etc….

Update V 1.0.4 (20/02/2020) :

  • New Player Models Added for Counter and Terrorist.
  • Added 2 new Maps (Morningstar, Maniac)
  • Added 3D Model Scope for AUG vd SG 552.
  • Added Ring to see Where They are in Bomb Flash Shots.
  • Arrangements have been made for Bomb vd Flash shots.
  • Added new Explosion Effect and Blood Splash Effect for the Bomb.
  • Nick change button has been added.
  • Some bugs Fixed.


Update V (09/02/2020) :

  • Automatic Fire Added.
  • New Map Added(Poolday)
  • Some bugs have been fixed.

Update V 1.0.3 (07/02/2020) :

  • New Gloves for Counter And Terorist.
  • New 2 Gun(Tech-9, M4A4)
  • New Guns Models
  • New Weapons look animation.
  • New Skys added.
  • New muzzle flash and bullet casings have been added.
  • The bug on the radar has been fixed.
  • Stuck on Loading screen fixed.
  • When his health drops below 25%, the HP bar turns red.
  • Visual corrections were made. Some bugs have been fixed.
  • And more…

Update V (01/31/2020) :

  • Added New Map (Dust 2)
  • Visual Work was done.
  • Fix the problem connecting to the room.
  • Fixed some weapons exploding the game.
  • Some codes have been fixed.

Update V 1.0.1 :

  • Newly developed and updated Photon server(Low Ping).
  • Update Unity 2018.2.6f1.
  • New Advanced UI.
  • New 3d Radar.
  • New 4 Maps.
  • New Touch buttons and bar.
  • Multiple C4 throws have been fixed.
  • The birth in the same place has been fixed.
  • 3D visuals are enriched.
  • Some coding bugs have been fixed.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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