Countries Capitals Matching : Draw Lines Learning Capitals Game

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This Reskinned Express item is based on the Template . Kids Math Matching Learning : Draw Lines Game


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Countries Capitals Marching General Knowledge Learning game for everyone  –Fully focused theme on learning priorities. It should be fun and exciting… Learn knowledge about countries and their capitals with this Match Game.

These Matching Countries and their capitals will help our audience to practice their thinking skills and refine their general knowledge. With Beginner level worksheets.

The best way to learn general knowledge about countries in the world and gain knowledge is by using draw matching lines game which entertains and enhances the knowledge of the player at the same time.


  • Supported on Unity Version 2019.x
  • Easy to reskin
  • Fully supported on 64 bit 
  • 40 strategized levels
  • Learning focused theme

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Platforms Unity 2019
Frameworks Unity