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Countries is an easy “Master Detail” App for iPhone developed with Xcode for iOS.
The project objective is to show how master-detail works for many purposes.
In this App there are 20 Countries with 7 informations for each one:
in “master page” there are a scroll list with the names of Countries with the respective capital;
selecting the item you go to “detail page” for 7 informations associated (Country, Capital, Continent, Code ISO, Currency, Language, Government)
Another example can be done for animals, things, units of measurement and more.

Multi language design: two languages for this App in .plist file format: English and Italian.
Add labels with many languages and switch the scheme of project for the language.


With this app there is a docuemntation to help to customize the app
It’s not very difficult to modify and modify the engine.
Developerd with Xcode (v 7.0.1)
Base SDK iOS 9.0
Deployment target 9.0

Create your list, modify labels as you want, and good work and good luck!

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Category Utilities
Platforms iOS 9.0.x
Frameworks Native iOS