Craft World – Mines and Voxel Crafting Complete Project

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  • Top Trending Game
  • Beutiful 3D Voxel Graphics
  • Easy To Install
  • Easily Earn Money with Quick Setup
  • Make your Own Minecraft




Craft World – Voxel Crafting is #Top Trending Game.

Craft World – Voxel Crafting is great alternative of Minecraft.

Craft your dream home, everything is possible on this pro 3d version. Explore this world and start living your dreams and imagination.
Build a simple house or craft your dream castle, it’s all in your hands. Get different blocks and craft them to get the desired output.
Enjoy a beautiful 3D game graphics.
Simple and intuitive user interface. Fly or walk across the unlimited lands.


Explore the Voxel World The Only Limit is your Imagination!!!!!


We Spend Hours to make this game for you so you can Quickly Earn Great Money!!

Craft World – Voxel Crafting is Complete Game for Android and IOS!!

Make your Own Minecraft Today!!!!!!


➤ Top No 1 Grossing Game

➤ Procedural meshes and voxel terrain Generation

➤ Ready to Release with Beautiful 3D Graphics

➤ Breathtaking 3D Voxel environment

➤ Admob Mediation – Facebook , Unity and 50+ Ad Networks To Choose

➤ Banner , Interstitial 

➤ Daily Notificaton – Repeatable

➤ Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics to see how your app perform in each device

➤ In-App Purchase 

➤ Rate Option

➤ Social Sharing on 10+ Social Media

➤ Language Localization (Arabic , Chinese , English , German , Spanish , Portuguese , Korean , Japanese , Russian , French , Italian)

➤ Uses Latest Version of Unity (2021.3.7f1) with free licence

➤ Supports IL2CPP 64 Bit Architechture – Android API Lelve 33 Supported

➤ Clean and commented code

➤ Begginer Friendly Project (No need to have Priore Knowledge of Game Devleopement)

➤ Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices

➤ Compatible for both Mobile Phones and PC

➤ Professional and clean code, clean projects (Error free Project)

➤ Support build Android App Bundle (AAB)

➤ 24/7 Support – less than 10 min reply


And Much More……


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