Dona Vs Henry : Poll Between US

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The game begins with Dona playing golf again. This time some other pigs interrupt his golf game, and he yells at them to stop. One of the pigs tells him the only way they will stop interrupting his games is if he becomes President and orders them to. That gives Dona an idea. He digs up a big sack of cash that the buried on the golf course. He then decides to do what the pigs told him… he will run for President!

Instead of a border wall Dona is now playing golf on top of a row of polling stations. Pigs pour in from both sides and line up to vote. At first everything is going well but then a new contender steps in. Celery Binton has decided to run against Dona! Dona now must keep his bitter rival, Celery Binton’s pigs from reaching the polls while protecting his own pigs.

Celery Binton can use several different pig powers to help her pigs vote faster.
Yell – Celery Binton yells an enraging phrase at the pigs to encourage them to vote for her faster or vote for Dona slower. She yells “You’re deplorable!”
Summon Will – Celery Binton summons Will Binton who stumbles around creepily which forces Binton’s pigs to run faster away from him towards the poll stations.
O-LLama Speech – Celery Binton phones in help from the previous President, O-LLama. O-LLama gives an inspirational speech to her pigs that shield them from attacks for a short time.

Dona has the same powers he used in The Wall Between US and he also has some new ones now. His old powers no longer kill anyone but instead either stuns Binton’s pigs or forces them to run away when hurt. Now Dona must use cash to buy his abilities. Over time, and as his pigs vote, Dona will earn more cash to use.

Dona gains new powers as he beats Celery Binton in the polls in each state (aka level).

Dona – The Pig
Celery Binton – The Opponent Pig


  • Unity Version 2018.4
  • Easy to Reskin
  • Ready to Launch
  • 64 Bit Supported

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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