Castle Defense Template – Full Game

Castle Defense Template – Full Game
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The Tree of Life is under attack. You are its last hope, protect the Tree from waves of frenzied monsters. Find out the secret behind why the monsters are attacking. Use everything you’ve got to survive.

A tower defense game inspired by big names of the same genre.

– 3 attack types.
– 8 type of monsters with different ability 
– 3 magic skills you can use.
– Diverse upgrade systems (health, damage, range, accuracy…)
– There are many diverse Achievements to earn more gold.
– Get your free reward every day.
– Over 40 level (22 easy, 22 hard). The difficulty of each level will be increased, requires you must have a great skill to complete.
– You will get gold after complete each level, the reward will be increased after each level and you will get more reward if you complete the hard levels.


Link WebGL Kongregate:

Link Android Store:

Link Windows Store:


  • Unity 5.4
  • Support many platform: iOS, Android, OS X, Window.
  • This is a completed game designer, sound, effects, game-play, full resource, full animation.
  • Easily customize: you can easily customize anything(Units, Enemies, Quests, Levels…) with Unity Editor.
  • Over 40 level were designed very good, you can easily create new level with Unity Editor.
  • Get Free Reward: Player have to watch video to get reward (After every completed round).
  • Get Daily Reward: Player have to Share Facebook to get reward.
  • A lot of In-App Purchase: Player can buy Gem and Gold using IAP.
  • Smart Advertising: You can edit when and where ad will be shown. (Admob with Banner and Interstitial, UnityAds, Chartboost, Adcolony).
  • Energy system: Player have to use 1 Energy to play each level. Energy will be refill in some minutes or user can use gems to buy energy.
  • Anti-Cheat: Player cannot cheat or hack the game easily.
  • Game were designed perfect (feedback from player)(5 Star Rating).
  • You should play the game to get the best experience.

How to Setup and Reskin

This source code comes with a set of video tutorials that walk you through the unity project and explains how to reskin the graphics / change ad ID’s and create waves.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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