Moza Ebook Library Android App Full Source Code

Moza Ebook Library Android App Full Source Code

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Ebook Library app is an independent reader for book lovers. Ebook’s basic design is carefully crafted for ebooks and offers enhanced styles for better readability and distraction- free reading
Ebook Library app is native app source code which has a web – based backend in PHP. This is perfect solution for you to build Ebook for android. This app includes many important modules such as: read book, add to favorite book, view history, read continue, and especially support Epub file, pdf file and video file in a chapter. Especially, Admob is integrated in this app.
This app currently includes some basic functionalities. If you want further customization or re-skinning, we are willing to do it.

Get demo here

More products here



  • AVAILABLE in all platforms: IOS, Android
  • Fast performance and secured data handling
  • Support multi clients / applications: create and manage different database for different clients
  • Support Right-to-left, left-to-right form layouts
  • Can deploy in shared host, dedicated server or cloud
  • Quickly to market: 2 hours to setup and deploy. 1 – 3 days to reskin. Dedicated developers to customize (leave question here, we will answer you in 4 – 24 hours)
  • Free Graphics, Promo videos (contact author)
  • Detail, well-formed documents

App Features

  • Home: Shows all available books with the criterion: new, top or popular
  • Categories: Show all categories which are supported in this system
  • Reading continue: User can continue reading the chapter that he read it before
  • Support: Epub file, pdf file, video file in a chapter
  • All books: Show all books
  • History: Show history of viewed books list
  • Bookmarks: Add favorite book to bookmark
  • Settings: East to clean cache. Allows users choose list type that they want
  • Sort: List view or grid view
  • About: Add information, and show it on this screen. Users can see your information and send the feedback if they want.
  • Add comment: Add comment for chapter
  • Admob is integrated in app. Includes 2 types: banner and interstitial

Backend Features

  • Backend is developed base on Yii framework 2.0
  • Working well with multi platform and smooth performance,
  • Running stable in most of hosting providers.
  • Well formed document
  • Support Json Response API
  • Easy to maintain


How to Set up and Reskin

Set up:

Set up backend first. It needs PHP 5.4+ and mySQL
Change API link in android source code
There will be a detail setup document after you purchase source code


You can reskin by modifing the code, images and icons
Or simply request for the Reskin service

Very easy to customize. Detailed documentation included in the package.

Frequently asked questions


  1. Is this native app?
  2. Which tool are you using for android? Elipse or android studio?
    Android studio
  3. Can I change language?
    Yes, it’s easy. You can change it by yourself or hire us to customize it.
  4. Can I easy change app’s name, logo, package name, background, theme color, etc…?
    Of course, you can. A detail document includes in the package. You can easily follow it.
  5. Can I get support after purchasing?
    Absolutely you can. We have full team with Dedicated Developpers Support that always willing to support you 24/24


  1. What is server requirements?
    The requirements are:
    – PHP 5.4+, Mysql
    Is frontend supported?
  2. Not yet available in our side now, but we are willing to customize it.
  3. Is backend supported in the package?
    Yes. The package includes app source code, backend source code and documents for them.
  4. What response format your API return??
  5. Does your server and application support notification?
  6. What notification technology we are using?
    Apple Push Notification Service, Google Cloud Messaging, Firebase
  7. Is multilingual be supported?
    Yes, default for label



  • SAVE you 600 hours work from 4 developers team, equals to $6000 cost.
  • Full Features, many SDKs integrated. Carefully tested
  • Can setup backend in your server, or use our Cloud-based backend (No IT Skill required)
  • Get Full Tech Support and hire dedicated developers if you need Reskin, Customize or develop similar apps
  • Professional Maintenance and Customer Service. Trustful developers. Highly commitment and responsive to clients.
  • Free UPDATE for future upgrade or future features plan.


You will get following items after purchase:

  • Source code: Android source Code running in Android Studio
  • Themes: 5 themes (different colors)
  • Documents: Setup, Manual guide
  • Graphics: Full Photoshop PSD file. BONUS: Free 02 different Designs if customer want to reskin.
  • Marketing Materials: Promo video + HTML Landing Page

Note: This is only applied for customers whom buy Multiple App License


We continuously upgrade + develop new features. IF you purchase now, you will get FREE UPDATE in future. If you can’t wait for FREE UPDATE, you can hire our developers to customize for you now. Some features we are working on.

  • Intergrate with Firebase
  • Integrate with SMS
  • Socials login, sign up

Please suggest your own feature in comment. We will put it into our development plan. Thank you

Release Notes

19th, May 2017

  • First uploaded
1 Review

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MOZA SOLUTION Author on 21 Mar 2018, 03:06:23

Hi Don,

We updated new source code to sellmyapp. Please check and get this update.

Best regards,


Don Bull Buyer on 21 Mar 2018, 16:53:25

I have tried it many times but still error. The book icon can appear but it can not load the file. Please help me.  I think you did not provide clear tutorial how to use backend especially to upload the file. My backend url still

Thank you

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 22 Mar 2018, 09:58:11

Hi Don,

Are you sure you get and use the new source code?

If you are working on latest source code, i think we have to support you directly. I contacted to sellmyapp supporter to make a group and we can chat on that group directly.

Best regards,

Moza Team

Odih Suryadi on 04 Feb 2018, 21:11:10

This app include admob banner and interetials?

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 05 Feb 2018, 10:14:03

Hi Odih,

App is included Banner Admob. It is not included Intertistial admob.

ardasen Buyer on 13 Dec 2017, 21:42:59

Reports & statistics is missing on the dashboard?

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 14 Dec 2017, 01:42:48

Hi Ardasen,

Sorry, let us check again then get back to you. Kindly wait for us, thanks so much!

ardasen Buyer on 14 Dec 2017, 12:38:08

Ok, I am waiting. Also the app doesn’t load the book. I can see the names and the pictures but when I click on a book, it shows a blank page.

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 14 Dec 2017, 16:17:51

Hi Ardasen,

Okay we got it, we will inform you once complete. Thanks! :)

ardasen Buyer on 16 Dec 2017, 10:51:46

How long will I have to wait? 2 days passed. No information.

Sell My App Support on 16 Dec 2017, 10:57:04

Hello @Ardasen,
I’ve just reached out the Author and now they are working on replying you back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your patience.

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 16 Dec 2017, 11:35:53

HI Ardasen,

Sorry, we are still checking your issue, and today is Saturday so that we don’t work.

We promise give you answer on next Monday.

Kindly understand for us, thanks!

ardasen Buyer on 18 Dec 2017, 18:22:09

It is monday today. Still no answer?

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 19 Dec 2017, 06:55:09

HI Ardasen,

We are checking it but get some problem, we are trying to complete it soonest then will get back to you. Kindly understand for us. Thanks!

Bahadır buğra zorluer Buyer on 06 Nov 2017, 17:16:26

hi help me pls contac me pls

Sell My App Support on 06 Nov 2017, 17:42:38

Hello @Bahadir Bugra Zorluer,
Thank you for the purchase!
Please describe your problem.
The Author will reply to you soon

Bahadır buğra zorluer Buyer on 06 Nov 2017, 17:49:26

application pdf image does not appear

imagegick install help

Thank you
Kullan?c? Ad?: pdfkita2?ifre: N2C2Jhu&

admin panel

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 07 Nov 2017, 02:23:34

Hello @Bahad?r bu?ra zorluer

Thanks for your purchase!

We will check your issue and get back to you asap.


Moza team

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 07 Nov 2017, 02:41:56

Hi @Bahadir Bugra Zorluer,

We checked. Pls upload data for each chapter by click to button we mark in below image.

Many thanks!

Bahadır buğra zorluer Buyer on 07 Nov 2017, 11:43:30

It did not work

Elio Vega Buyer on 02 Sep 2017, 01:08:49

I like to try to install a demo apk. Where can i get it?

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 02 Sep 2017, 09:15:45

Dear Client,
I am very happy to receive your cmt interested in our app. I would like to send you the demo for this app in below link. pls check it carefully and give us your feedback.
This app just includes some basic functions. If you need further customization or re-skinning, pls feel free to tell sellmyapp. We are willing to do it.

Elio Vega Buyer on 21 Oct 2017, 00:46:42

Good afternon, twoo months ago I boughth the eBook app, but I hace two errors in the backend system, the first one is when I try to register a user or if I try to modify their data its marks me: ErrorClass backend/modules/app/models/AppUserProfAPI not found. The second mistake is wjen i try to upload an mp4 video to the database of books. It says the system has an error. And one more question, if the app in android ans ios can manage the acces of users. I do not need any sale or electronic transaction to purchase material. Only in the backend system is managed what material they are entitled to. Thank you

MOZA SOLUTION Author on 23 Oct 2017, 03:22:27

Hello Client,

Would you like to send us the screenshots of your ebook app and backend link? Because we need know exactly which version you had is then we can check and get back to you asap?

Many thanks.

Elio Vega Buyer on 23 Oct 2017, 21:35:10

Hi again i send you the images of backend errors ..

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