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Prank your friends with Fake Chat Maker Whatsapp.
Create fake chat conversations and fool your friends.

Fake Chat Maker Whatsapp app lets you create realistic mocks of chat conversations and share it with your friends. Create Whats Prank contacts and conversation and have fun with your friends and family.

Fake Chat Maker Whatsapp app that will help generate fake chat for Whatsapp messenger. This isn’t an actual messaging app, it’s a “fake chat maker app” which is used to create jokes, fake community talk, and stories.

You can create a funny fake chat with this app that looks like real chat, then you can take the screenshot and send it to your friends. and fake calls and have fun with friends.
You can make your conversation on sms look super realistic with several themes to choose from.


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  • Create Fake Profiles
  • Send Fake Conversation
  • Add Fake Status
  • Full emoji support
  • Control both sides of the conversation
  • Image, Audio support
  • Fake call
  • An easy easy-to-use interface
  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Native Ads

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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