Flash Taxi: Very powerful on demand taxi app like Uber

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Flash cab is an on-demand cab service that enables the user to request the nearest cab available. The app is the best option to kick start you cab business with a fully functional app at a lower price. It is programmed using Native android, CodeIgniter, Mongodb and Firebase to make sure the app sustain large loads of data and scale easily.


Purchase of this script requires that you have a basinc knowledge of Basic Server setup Linux or windows) but support is available over mobile, email, skype as well as splashtop.


Nonetheless, it is not too complicated and a step by step installation guide is included and you can always get some tutorials on youtube if you’re interested but have no clue where to begin.


You will simply need to setup PHP 5.6+ & MongoDB on your server in order to have this app installed and running.


Click here to access the backend demo Admin Backed

User: admin

Password: Arcane

Driver App Demo

Rider App Demo

on the apps, you will have to sign up and then go into the admin panel to approve the driver in order for it to be able to accept rides


You get to set the nearest area in kilometers, you can customize your currency and the only payment available is cash. Below are details regarding the functionality of each end.




  • You have to insert the pickup and destination locations
  • You can view drivers available in your area on the map in real time
  • You view an estimate cost of your ride
  • You can request a cab and each driver will be notified automatically one after another
  • Once you have request the cab you can see their location in real time
  • You can view the name and details of the driver
  • You can call or message the driver
  • You can cancel the trip
  • In the end you can rate your ride.




  • You can go online or offline depending on your availability
  • You can view a summary of your earnings
  • You can view the summary of your rating
  • You can edit your profile
  • Once you have a request, you have 1 minute to accept it
  • Once accepted you see the location and directions to you rider
  • You get to notify the rider that you have arrived
  • When you start the trip you see the directions to destination and the app tracks your location in real time and adjust the fare.
  • Once you arrive at you destination you end the trip and a final fare amount is displayed
  • You can also rate your rider.




  • You can view the list of Riders and Drivers
  • You can view profile information
  • You can approve or reject drivers
  • You can view all drivers on map in real time
  • You can set base price for each cab category
  • You can view trip information
  • You can set minimum radius for the rides


This app is ready to kickstart you in the cab business with a perfect clone of the famous uber or lyft or careem or ola at a minimum price.
Thank you for considering our offer.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
Development Hours
Category Location Based
Platforms Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0
Frameworks Native Android
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