Friday the 13th Dead by Daylight Clone (unity Survive multiplayer Game)

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1- this project are made only for mobile if you want to use for other platforms you need to change input.

2- reskining is hard a litle bit you need to now some unity basics

3- this project is multiplayer no bots or single player (made using photon engine)

4- this project made using unity 2017.4.1 if you want to use unity 2018 you need basic changes 

5- please rename the file before import (remove .zip)

this game is the same as Friday the 13th and dead by daylight you can use this project to make any game from this kind

back story you can use inside the store :

In Friday Night Multiplayer we can play both controlling the survivors and controlling the murderer, two very different experiences that will completely change the way in which we will have to face. Controlling the murderer our mission will be very simple: we must end the lives of all survivors before they manage to escape the level.

The role of the survivors will be much more complicated since we will not have anything other than our ability to hide on the stage to survive. Collaboration will be essential to emerge victorious from the deadly situation in which we find ourselves and from which we can escape in four different ways: calling the police, fixing an abandoned car, killing the murderer or opening the door of the enclosure in the that we are trapped. To unlock each of these options we must meet a series of requirements in order. 

With each victory we will win coins that we can invest in unlocking new skins for both survivors and murderers.


5 maps

a lot of killers with hiding power and seeing though walls also they have masks

granny character here too

4 ways to escape

*Generators players need to fix that and then use a phone to call police 

*gate players need to find random numbers in the map and then open the gate

*car player need to fin a key and a fuel to survive by car

*weapons players need some money to buy a gun and then kill the killer so they can survive

unity ads and audience network (you need unity ads account and audience network )

flurry and facebook for analyse (you need yahoo flurry id and facebook id)

photon engine for networking (you need to put your id don’t use mine is just for test)

iap ready to stop ads and unlock characters (unable the button from the menu scene if you want it)

and more

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Category Adventure
Platforms iOS 8.0.x, iOS 8.1.x, iOS 9.0.x, iOS 9.1.x, iOS 9.2.x, iOS 9.3, iOS 10, iOS 11, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Unity 2017
Frameworks Unity
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