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Attack on sky open snow beach in new crocodile simulator game. Multiple crocodile attack 3D beach hunting and crocodile city rampage missions waiting for you in Hungry Crocodile Attack 2019: Crocodile Games fighting action. In these animal attack games with the best of crocodile games control your huge angry crocodile predator swim and crawl with catching your prey. Are you bored from crocodile family sim and wild crocodile water fun games? Be an angry monster crocodile which may attack anything with giant sized sharp jaws in water over a beach or on land in this Hungry Crocodile Attack 2019: Crocodile Games. This apparently easy task is compromised by hunters ready to shoot on sight with crocodile attack 3d simulator. Attack people on boats or having bath in sea in crocodile attack game. Hunt or be hunted by the beach guards! What will you do for survival in this Angry Crocodile Attack: animal attack games? Play this angry crocodile sim and have a greater experience never seen in other animal simulator games or crocodile simulator games.

In this crocodile simulator: crocodile game 2019, start hunting on town beach, create some havoc and rampage & catch people tightly in your jaw. No one should escape from sea & complete all beach hunt missions attack game 3D of this crocodile simulator. In this Angry Crocodile Attack: animal attack games, your crocodile survival is hard on beach area because police shooters are ready to shoot you and hunt this beast with crocodile games. Hungry crocodile attack is about angry crocodile’s revenge that is done on family simulator in ocean water. This crocodile simulator game is different than crocodile and dinosaurs or crocodile and angry crocodile games. This swamp crocodile sim is terrifying story of angry hungry crocodile with this in crocodile fight game. Survive in the jungle and beach wilderness in best crocodile games 2019 with real crocodile simulators attack game.

In this Angry Crocodile Attack: animal attack games, the thrill of attacking the oblivious prey. Chase your prey as a wild crocodile out of the water on the beach. Swamp crocodile has to show its hunting skills or play this new crocodile game build your crocodile attack skills and control your brutal crocodile which is not available in crocodile family games. Crocodile simulator 2019 is specially designed for town attack or also in the city. Hunter has spears, guns, pistols and rifles for attack and hunt. Use your hunting skills in water and over the surface of beach. You will also fight with another hungry alligator sim that are on the sea water in wild simulator. This crocodile attack game 3D is best-est in the category of animal simulator games. In crocodile attack 3d game, fun with the fun open-world crocodile games environment with a stunning wild animal fighting game. Crocodile Survival on beach and fighting in the city beach would be a great pleasure.  


* 3D Game for FREE (In-Apps purchase)
* HD Graphics
* Cool Animations & Sounds
* Great Game Play and controls.


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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Platforms Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021
Frameworks Unity