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First Most important thing is aqurate prayer time for millions of Muslims around the world.
The time of sunrise and sunset varies from one location to another for finding approximate prayer times.
Islamic use standard calculation methodologies and also provides options to choose different calculation methods based on your location.
Islamic App contains many helpful features for Muslims like mp3 quran surahs, wadu, salat, Hijri Calendar,Date converter, Qibla DirectionSpecial Islamic days, 99 Name of Allah, Popular surah & Verses, Duas, Near by Mosques.



1) Mp3 Quran Surahs

2) Wadu : There are number of steps to show how perform wadu with images.
3) Salat : Display How many rakaat you have to prayed or what rakaat you are in salat.
4) Calendar : Hijri calendar Widget is a great utility to convert Hijri date to Gregorian date.
5) Date Converter : Date converter give you Gregorian date to hijri date conversion.
6) Qibla Direction : Qibla Direction feature gives you accurate direction for pray salat at any place from all over the world.
7) Special Islamic days : this feature display all festival of Islamic dates, details about festival and also provide remaining days of Islamic festival.
8) Name of Allah : there are 99 names of allah.
9) Popular suras & verses
10) Duas : Islamic Duas is an app designed for Muslims around the world who don’t get the time to go through Islamic books and are looking for authentic duas to pray.
11) Mosques : This also plus features for finding near by mosques from your location.


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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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