Juice Fresh Match 3 Complete Project + EDITOR

Juice Fresh Match 3 Complete Project + EDITOR
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The high quality template for Match 3 games + EDITOR with Splash Mechanics. Swipe on the fruits of the same color to destroy them.Do additional tasks!

❤ Ready for publish on Android and iOS ❤




Professional game and level design. Friendly EDITOR – create more interesting levels for your game. The project EASY and COMFORTABLE for use. Does not require programming skills!

Recommended Unity 5.3.4 or higher.

If you will have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happy to help you and answer on all of your questions about this project ^^


► Cloud saving of the players progress
► Visual tutorial
► In-app-purchase
► Unity Ads
► Admob
► Chartboost
► 100 tested levels
► Cross platform (Android and iOS)
► Great visual effect
► Six kinds of level targets
► Easy to reskin
► Hard currency
► Life timer
► Visual tutorial
► In-app-purchase
► Unity Ads
► Admob
► Chartboost
► 100 tested levels
► Cross platform (Android and iOS)
► Great visual effect
► Six kinds of level targets
► Easy to reskin
► Hard currency
► Life timer
► Gold shop
► “Rate us” function
► “Refill life” function
► Facebook sharing
► Leadboard
► Friends on map
► Rewarded video

P.S. Please leave rating for our Assets. It’s very important for us. Thank you!


Ver 1.5.1
Fixed: first importing sometimes has an issue with Unity IAP
Fixed minor bugs

Ver 1.5
Support 2018.3
Fixed: share link and cross platform sharing
Fixed: some ads issues
Fixed: leadboard without friends error
Fixed: Playfab leadboard error
Fixed: Bombs appears after restart a level

Ver 1.4.10

Added: privacy policy (GDPR). To the main scene.

Ver 1.4.9

Fixed: targets sometimes not appeared in MenuPlay

Fixed: iphone x GUI position adjusted

Fixed: friend avatars resolution set to 128×128

Changed: Create Gamesparks game added to game editor

Changed: Coins and boost enabled by default

Fixed: Unity 2018 support

Ver 1.4.8

Fixed: gamesparks supporting
Fixed: coins window error

Ver 1.4.7

Added: supporting iphoneX/S8 resolution (LevelManager.cs, game.scene)

Fixed: progress not saved after login
Fixed: Gamesparks new api supporting
Changed: config.json
Fixed: tips not worked on chess type levels sometimes
Fixed: scores position in Unity 2017.3

Ver 1.4.6
Fixed: leadboard offset
Fixed: Facebook with Unity 2017
Fixed: Gamesparks 5.5.6 (game.scene)
Changed: Facebook sharing (added path into editor)


Ver 1.4.5

Fixed: Name ‘GooglePlayServices’ does not exist unity

Fixed: Facebook auto authorisation after second enter

Added: Automatically delete doublicated libraries

Added: Resources/Prefabs/Congratulations.prefab

Added: Congratulations popup after passing last level Supporting 2017

Ver 1.4.4 (02-14-2017)

Fixed: currency saving
Fixed: some Leadboard bugs
Fixed: login via sharing

Ver 1.4.1
Fixed: Chartboost enabling

Ver 1.4 (12-02-2016)

Fixed: Networking library error
Fixed: Facebook 7.9 setting error
Added: Loading after main scene
Added: Switching level without map entering

Ver 1.3.3 (10-25-2016)
Fixed: music is back after refocus the app
Fixed: White picture in leadboard.
Fixed: first time sync balance
Fixed: ads showing on lose.
Added: Main scene
Added: GameSpark support
Added: Facebook logout button
Added: Clear player prefs button in editor->settings

Ver 1.3.2 (08-31-2016)
Fixed: facebook login Fixed: overlapping some items

Ver 1.3.1 (08-15-2016) 
Fixed: showing ads

Ver 1.3 (08-11-2016) 

Fixed: life haven’t spend sometimes

Fixed: Facebook authorise twice

Added: separate rates for platforms

Fixed: app name in sharing dialog

Fixed: tips algorithm improved

Fixed: level with bomb prevents to continue

Fixed: Some times flower positions assign value is not valid.

Fixed: possibility to put boost to empty space

Fixed: Thriving block covers only simple items

Improved plugins integration. Just import plugin. No need to enable or disable it.


Ver.1.2.1 (05-18-2016)

  1. Fixed: bug with light boost
  2. Fixed: spending lifes

    For update you need just replace Script folder.

Ver.1.2 (05-11-2016) 

  1. Fixed: iOS build error with PlayFab
  2. Replaced link to Facebook&Playfab package
  3. Updated docs about PlayFab setup (read the LINK)

    For Update: delete PlayFabSDK folder and redownload Facebook package by “Install” button in editor. And replace at least Scripts folder from update.

Ver.1.1 (05-06-2016):

  1. Fixed: link to documentation
  2. Fixed: bug Timer
  3. Fixed: link to Facebook plugin
  4. Changed: control of ads frequency. Now it is frequency of calls this event. In example: Admob will show every 3th pause showing, “Pause” event is triggered 3 times.

    For update you need just replace Script folder and Game scene. 

New update (05-02-2016):
– Fixed links to documentation and to Facebook plugin.

For update you need just replace Script folder and Game scene. 

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11 Reviews
  • imkits - 5.0 ★

    Great Temple To Buy


    I am very interesting this game. The price of this code is cheap. You can make level and enjoy with this one.

  • sowa black - 5.0 ★

    Great template with best support!


    This is a good template with best price. Good communication and support !
    Thank you !

  • Seth Hymes - 5.0 ★

    Awesome Support


    These guys made a great game and give incredible support.

  • Smile Angle - 5.0 ★

    Very Very Great template with best support!


    Support very well and quickly.
    The best I’ve ever bought source code from others.

  • Lapusanu Patriciu - 4.0 ★

    Well made


    Well made and high quality!

  • Hoang Ngoc Hien - 5.0 ★

    Great template of game


    Great template within many supported functions.
    Easy to implement service on app.

  • smeen - 5.0 ★


    The re-skin team is excellent.
    The quality of the artwork is fantastic.
    The project management of the re-skin is superb.

    I would use the re-skin team again and again.
    All promises made were delivered and delivered on time –
    from notification of commencement to publishing the apps successfully on the Google and Apple stores.

    I now have my published app on the stores thanks to you!
    And people love the game too.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to make a polished and completely satisfying work for me.
    Every detail was covered. Thank you SellMyApp !!!!

  • Artem Shtein - 5.0 ★

  • test1992 - 5.0 ★

  • Tony Novak - 5.0 ★


    The quality and assembly of this game as a starting point is quite well laid out, and if you follow the documentation it is spot on. The only small issue (and it has nothing to do with the seller) is that if you unzip on a mac, the unzip tries un unzip the original .zip AND then the .unityproject — This results in a bunch of garbage that cannot be imported. You simply need to open a Mac terminal window and manually unzip at the shell prompt and you will not experience this issue.

    All in all, I am really happy with this purchase and the structure that was setup in code follows good practices for games!

  • Christian Schrut - 5.0 ★


    Awesome template! A bit tricky to adjust, but once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy.

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