Legendary Clash Slot Fight Card RPG (Two players)

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Unique complete game project ready to release.

Simple, configurable and extendable.

Made with Unity 2019.3.1f1
App supports 64-bit

Link to test app: CLICK HERE



  1. In App purchases (pricing and gem distribution design used from “Clash Royale”)
    1. Chest unlock speed up
    2. Gems
    3. Special Offers (4x value)
  2. Ads – AdsManager (any IAP purchase remove annoying ads – NO Rewarded ads)
    1. Unity Ads integrated!
    2. Admob integrated as UnityAds back-fill. (simple mediation)

Game Modes

  1. Two Players mode (on same device)
  2.  Arena mode
    1. Fight with generated oponent
    2. Daily chest when you get enought Trophies
    3. Progressing in arena unlocks new arenas (6x included) – easy to extend
  3. Map mode
    1. Endless map and each 10 wins special reward with chest
  4. Boss mode
    1. 50 Bosses (if finished repetable with higher stats)
    2. Each 10 stages more difficult boss with special reward

Game Systems

  1. Card system
    1. Card types
      1. Hero (24x)
      2. Magic spell (20x)
    2. Upgradable (level, damage, healths, miss chance, critical chance)
    3. Rarities
  2. Chest System
    1. Configurable types and many types implemented with chance to drop by rarity
      1. Can drop: Coins, Diamonds, Experience, Card by rarities
    2. Speed up unlock
  3. Ability System
    1. One ability which destroy a random hero at battlefield

Player return mechanics:

  1. 6x welcome chest
  2. Collectable chest each 3 hours
  3. Time limited Coins collect at bottom of shop
  4. User local notifications


Project structure example + Card settings

  1. Create new Card: Right Click -> Create -> Cards -> NewCard


First Time Setup

In order to run game smoothly follow these steps:

  1. Install Unity 2019.3.1f1 using UnityHub
  2. Make sure your Android SDK integration is working with Unity
  3. Download source file from you Profile
  4. Unzip it and find your project in UnityHub and set target platform to: Android
  5. Open project and wait for preparation.
  6. Connect unity to your Unity Account to work with Unity Services
  7. Open Scene: Assets/Scenes/MainScene
  8. Press Play Button and Enjoy Asset! :)


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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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