Lost in Horror Maze

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You are lost in a horror maze. This maze is very dark and scary.

Luckily, there is a magic pumpkin that wants to help you escape this horror maze. Previously, you must be able to complete the mission given by the pumpkin. The mission is collecting all the coins spread in this horror maze.

You are only given a flashlight that illuminates you to collect coins in the maze. Be careful with scary creatures that live in this maze. Get away from them or they will take your soul forever!

If you get cornered, you can use your magic bamboo stick to hit and drive the scary creature away. To get it you can find an orb containing a bamboo stick.

Collect all the coins before the time given for the magic pumpkin is up and get out of this horror maze safely!

What’s so interesting about this game?
⦿ Horror atmosphere but challenging to play
⦿ There are 20 maze stages
⦿ There are 2 types of scary creatures
⦿ There is a bamboo stick that can hit scary creatures
⦿ Attractive 3D views


⦿ All 3D models in high quality
⦿ 20 mazes to play with, each maze has a different pattern
⦿ The minimap can be clicked to open the map full screen
⦿ Bamboo stick to fight scary creatures
⦿ Admob ready, banners, interstitials, rewardedAd
⦿ Share screenshots
⦿ Ratings by users
⦿ Easy to reskin

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Frameworks Unity