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Empower your audience with our robust live streaming platform. Engage in thrilling PK battles, manage a dynamic live streaming mall, and reward anchors with our integrated gift system. With advanced room management and voice chat features, users enjoy interactive sessions seamlessly. Our comprehensive system ensures security and stability, backed by professional support and a user-friendly interface.


Live Stream App – Key Features

  1. Interactive PK System

    • Engage in various PK modes: PK mode, friend PK, happy PK.
    • Start PK sessions with exclusive pages displaying power values. The highest power value wins within a specified time.
    • Access personal PK records showing game count, win rate, and earnings.
    • View PK rules for clear understanding.
  2. Live Streaming Mall

    • Manage products: View and manage store users’ product information. Take actions like forced removal or deletion of products.
    • Product order list: Monitor all platform orders including details like order ID, purchaser, merchant, product info, and more.
    • Refund list: Track refund requests with details on refund orders and platform intervention status.
    • Withdrawal records: Review user-initiated withdrawal requests and manage approvals.
  3. Gift System

    • Browse and select from a variety of gifts and props for rewarding anchors.
    • Reward anchors with gifts, requiring platform currency. Users are prompted to recharge if their currency is insufficient.
  4. Noble System

    • Display noble information, activation requirements, and associated fees.
    • Activate noble status by spending designated currency.
    • Each noble rank offers unique privileges and exclusive identity markers.
  5. Room Management

    • Grant room manager status to users for moderation.
    • Ban ordinary users or manage bans imposed by anchors or room managers.
    • Kick users out of live rooms, restricting re-entry for a specified period.
  6. Integrated Mall

    • Search products by name and sort results by sales volume, price, etc.
    • Explore second-level business categories with options to delve into third-level classifications.
    • View product details, purchase items, and add products to favorites.
  7. Voice Chat Room

    • Minimize chat rooms to floating windows while continuing to listen to hosts.
    • Request mic access for interactive voice chats, managed by anchors.
    • Support continuous gift giving by anchors and Mai users.
  8. Youth Mode

    • Implement online behavior regulations for youth safety.

Short Video and Dynamic Features

  1. Video Posting

    • Customize video publishing with cover images and background music.
    • Edit video details before final publishing.
  2. User Interaction

    • Engage with videos through comments, likes, and shares.
  3. Dynamic Feed

    • View updates from followed anchors and users, including pictures, text, and videos.

Advantages of Our Live Broadcast System

  1. Comprehensive Functionality

    • The system offers a complete array of features including anchor management, gift systems, gaming options, PK systems, and more.
    • Backed by a robust backend for efficient operation and management.
  2. Reliability and Stability

    • Proven track record with multiple successful implementations worldwide.
    • Guaranteed stability with robust server monitoring and security systems.
  3. Security Assurance

    • High-security standards against injections and cross-domain attacks.
    • Real-time interface and server monitoring for proactive security measures.
  4. Professional Support

    • Dedicated development team to handle emergencies and provide ongoing support.
    • Professional operation and maintenance services ensure smooth operations.




To ensure the app runs smoothly, the following services are required (some may involve costs):

  • Web Hosting with cPanel
  • Domain Name
  • Firebase Blaze Plan for real-time chats and live stream comments
  • Agora for interactive live streaming
  • Branch for deep linking
  • Google Play Console & Apple Developer Programme for app publishing
  • Tencent Cloud services for additional functionalities

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Category Chat
Platforms Android 12.0
Frameworks Native Android