Merge Evolution: Marine Deeps

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Test your strength and intelligence! Can you make a successful evolution and create the strongest marine predator? Or maybe the best warship?
Experiment, collect the best units, and win battles!
– go through a complete evolution from a simple marine animal to a giant and dangerous predator
– Build the best warship, starting with primitive submarines


The game was made in the UNITY version up to 2019.3.9. You can easily make the game multi-platform. 
⚠️ The game has 30 minutes of unique gameplay
⚠️ NO ads – you can add them yourself
⚠️ NO in-apps
⚠️ There are several issues in UX-UI

WARNING: To prevent an unpleasant experience, please contact the Author by leaving your questions in the COMMENTS section before purchasing.


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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Category Arcades
Platforms Unity 2019
Frameworks Unity