Merge Plane (Top Free Game)

Merge Plane (Top Free Game)

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Merge & Develop Your Airline!

Ever wanted to be a captain? Ever wanted to be an air giant? Take control of your very own parking apron and airline.

Buy, merge and manage your planes so you can make them fly to earn money!

Start your airline empire today!


  • 12 well-made planes.
  • In-app purchase to buy rubies.
  • Easy to build on multiple platforms.
  • Admob integrated (banner, interstitial, rewarded video)
  • Unity 2019.1.3 or higher.

Version logs

Version 1.2

  • Fix issue: Offline earning dialog doesn’t show when resuming.
  • Update documentation: How to add more planes.

Version 1.3

  • Optimize UI for tall devices.

Version 1.4

  • Add remove ad button.

Version 1.5

  • Add restore purchase button for iOS.

Version 1.7

  • Fix error: Offline earning is a negative number.

Version 1.8

  • How to add more planes (step 3)

Version 2.0

  • Upgrade to Unity 2018.2.4

Version 2.1

  • Fix some warnings.
2 Reviews

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jimmy c Buyer on 05 Jan 2020, 15:24:36


I tested the v2.4 regarding the new particle system for “Coin Effect Prefab”.

I import the project with 2019.2.17f1, and find the coin effect is gone and replaced with some smoke effect instead of coins.  Is this something wrong for my import ? or it is expected change which the coin effects is not available?




Superpow Studio Author on 05 Jan 2020, 15:29:32

What is your last version?

Superpow Studio Author on 05 Jan 2020, 15:29:52

I meant your previous version.

jimmy c Buyer on 05 Jan 2020, 15:35:31

My last version is version 1. It is a coin effect in unity 2017.

Is this effect not available now? Or my import got some issue?

Superpow Studio Author on 05 Jan 2020, 15:36:21

yeah, it’s not available anymore.

jimmy c Buyer on 05 Jan 2020, 15:37:03

ok. thanks.

jimmy c Buyer on 05 Jan 2020, 15:38:49

one more question. Except this prefab, any other objects will be affected by this particle system upgrade?

Superpow Studio Author on 05 Jan 2020, 15:39:47

I don’t remember, this change was made a long time ago.

Smooth637 Buyer on 02 Sep 2019, 19:01:13

Good day


I am having problems with the particle system used in the game, I believe FxMaker and understand it is no longer available in the asset store. Could you please help us solve this


We are using Unity 2018.4.8f1LTS

Superpow Studio Author on 03 Sep 2019, 01:37:20


We don’t use FxMaker in our project.

Smooth637 Buyer on 08 Sep 2019, 16:37:38

Go to Assets>IGSoft_Resources>Scripts>NcEffects


You will find that all the scripts are created using FXMaster, but unfortunately from my research, has been discontinued.

Is there any other particle effect I can use to replace it

Superpow Studio Author on 08 Sep 2019, 16:44:08


We removed FXMaker in our last versions. Please update.

Smooth637 Buyer on 05 Oct 2019, 12:00:54

Thank you for your help before.


I am now running into this crash error in xcode, I have pasted it below.

I have also tried building your original template only changing the bundle id and I still get the crash report when i run it in xcode


#import “PLCrashReporter.h”
#import “CrashReporter.h”

extern NSString* GetCrashReportsPath();
void CrashedCheckBelowForHintsWhy();

static NSUncaughtExceptionHandler* gsCrashReporterUEHandler = NULL;

static void SavePendingCrashReport()
    if (![[UnityPLCrashReporter sharedReporter] hasPendingCrashReport])

    NSFileManager *fm = [NSFileManager defaultManager];
    NSError *error;

    if (![fm createDirectoryAtPath: GetCrashReportsPath() withIntermediateDirectories: YES attributes: nil error: &error])
        ::printf(“CrashReporter: could not create crash report directory: %sn”, [[error localizedDescription] UTF8String]);

    NSData *data = [[UnityPLCrashReporter sharedReporter] loadPendingCrashReportDataAndReturnError: &error];
    if (data == nil)
        ::printf(“CrashReporter: failed to load crash report data: %sn”, [[error localizedDescription] UTF8String]);

    NSString* file = [GetCrashReportsPath() stringByAppendingPathComponent: @”crash-“];
    unsigned long long seconds = (unsigned long long)[[NSDate date] timeIntervalSince1970];
    file = [file stringByAppendingString: [NSString stringWithFormat: @”%llu”, seconds]];
    file = [file stringByAppendingString: @”.plcrash”];
    if ([data writeToFile: file atomically: YES])
        ::printf(“CrashReporter: saved pending crash report.n”);
        if (![[UnityPLCrashReporter sharedReporter] purgePendingCrashReportAndReturnError: &error])
            ::printf(“CrashReporter: couldn’t remove pending report: %sn”, [[error localizedDescription] UTF8String]);
        ::printf(“CrashReporter: couldn’t save crash report.n”);

static void InitCrashReporter()
    NSError *error;

    if ([[UnityPLCrashReporter sharedReporter] enableCrashReporterAndReturnError: &error])
        ::printf(“CrashReporter: initializedn”);
        NSLog(@”CrashReporter: could not enable crash reporter: %@”, error);


static void UncaughtExceptionHandler(NSException *exception)
    NSLog(@”Uncaught exception: %@: %@n%@”, [exception name], [exception reason], [exception callStackSymbols]);
    if (gsCrashReporterUEHandler)

static void InitObjCUEHandler()
    // Crash reporter sets its own handler, so we have to save it and call it manually
    gsCrashReporterUEHandler = NSGetUncaughtExceptionHandler();

void InitCrashHandling()


// This function will be called when AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException event is triggered.
// When running on device the app will do a hard crash and it will generate a crash log.
void CrashedCheckBelowForHintsWhy()
    // Wait if app has crashed before we were able to submit an older pending crash report. This
    // could happen if app crashes at startup.

    // Make app crash hard here

    // Just in case above doesn’t work

Sell My App Support on 05 Oct 2019, 20:48:54

Hi Smooth637, thank you for your purchase! The author will reply to you soon

Superpow Studio Author on 09 Oct 2019, 07:19:54


Unfortunately, we are not experts in iOS. We are willing to help if you have any issues in Unity.


Kind regards,

Smooth637 Buyer on 09 Oct 2019, 09:45:03

Not a problem.
Thank you very much for the reply.

li guanyi on 19 Mar 2019, 04:57:38

I need to apk

Sell My App Support on 19 Mar 2019, 13:00:35

Hi Li Guanyi,

Thank you for your interest.

In order to check the demo, please click on the Google Play black button. You can find it in the product description.

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, the Author will gladly provide you with more information about his product.


jimmy c Buyer on 16 Feb 2019, 09:05:13


Some users reported all their planes got removed suddenly,  Do you have any ideas what will caused such situation and suggest a fix? We are in latest version code. Thanks

Superpow Studio Author on 16 Feb 2019, 11:06:30


I have never heard of this issue. However, if this is the case, it’s very difficult to fix because we can’t reproduce it.

jimmy c Buyer on 16 Feb 2019, 11:50:26

Your own published app in amazon also got this 1 star review regarding negative number and all planes disappear. Yes, it is difficult to fix but users is not happy if they purchased ruby to upgrade plane, then disappear.

Daniel Cherac Buyer on 26 Jan 2019, 14:11:55

Hello, can you help implement another ad network or some info on how to do that? as I am having issues with admob

Sellmyapp Team on 27 Jan 2019, 21:56:35

Hello @Daniel Cherac,
The Author was notified you need his assistance. He will reply to you at the earliest convenience.

Superpow Studio Author on 28 Jan 2019, 00:34:43


Thanks for your purchase.

If you like to integrate another ad network, you need to find its website and follow its integrate instruction.

Daniel Cherac Buyer on 29 Jan 2019, 13:10:30

Can you give me some tips with implementing to be specific ,in the code to replace admob? I would compensate you for your time

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