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Up for a challenge? Mole Splash is an exciting, challenging and (fair warning!) addicting new game. The objective: Whack those moles! Pesky moles are infecting your cute rabbits’ homes. Whack them when they pop out of the holes. BUT, be careful! You might hit your own bunnies in doing so… The game is fast paced where you have a score objective and limited time. Increasing levels don’t just speed up the mole appearing and disappearing speeds. That would be too dull. The increased levels also add additional holes. Yay! You also have the option of popping a bomb to fast clear tons of moles. After all, we can’t make a game impossible to win. It causes frustration and we already have enough of that in our real world! Test your eye to hand (or fingers!) coordination and have fun while you’re at it. Just download it and TRY not to get hooked.


Update 1.05 – Reworked for Andoid Studio 3.0!!

Update 1.01 – Added Chartboost ads!! – Easy Level support 



Try the Game Here on Google Play:….


Levels are easely created in JSON config files:

{ “levels”: [ { “level”:1, “nrOfBombs”:0, “nrOfSeconds”:20, “nrOfColumns”:2, “nrOfRows”:3, “nrOfPointsComplete”:50, “nrOfPointsStar1”:50, “nrOfPointsStar2”:70,”nrOfPointsStar3


  • Classic retro style, fast-paced and addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics and great-looking graphics engine
  • Farm credits by smashing Moles
  • Unstoppable action!
  • Original soundtrack
  • Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.
  • Google+ Leaderboard, compare your best score with your friends.
  • Google+ Achievements
  • Chartboost + Admob
  • Banners + Intertitials
  • Reward Videos (chartboost)
  • Create levels in JSON Config files
  • 6 Mole Types
  • 4 Bunny Types
  • 32 Levels pre-configed

Setup and Reskin

See the documentation for a full how-to! Headlines:

  • Setup Android Studio or Eclipse
  • Reskin project!
  • Create Google Game services, Leaderboard and Achievements
  • Setup Admob and Chartboost for ads

Licensing Agreement

By buying this source code you agree to all the terms and conditions below.

  • All Artwork, Music and Sounds must be changed.
  • You may only use the source code under your personal or business developer account.
  • If you purchase a single license, you can only create one derivative (reskin) of this game. Additional reskins require additional licenses.
  • If at some point you decide to sell your app, portfolio or business then you must specify to the buyer that you do NOT own the source code.
  • When you purchase an “Unlimited License” you can create as many reskins with that source code under your own developer account as you wish. However, you may not transfer or share that license with another party unless you have written approval from us.
  • With any license purchase you do NOT own the source code. We are licensing it to you for reskin purposes only. We remain the owner of the source code and you may NOT resell or license the code to others.
  • You may NOT purchase this source code for the sole purpose of reskinning and reselling apps to others.

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14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Category Arcades
Platforms Android 4.1.x, Android 4.2.x, Android 4.3.x, Android 4.4, Android 5.0, Android 6.0
Frameworks Native Android