Monster Truck Mega Ramp Stunts 3d Truck Simulator

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Welcome to Monster Truck Mega Ramp Stunts 3d Truck Simulator and hot free mega monster truck Race Game. A Monster Truck is an amazing stunt driving game that shows extreme mega stunts on impossible tracks including hurdles. In this game, you will become an extremely stunt driver by driving a monster truck on a different impossible track. If you are crazy about a stunt driver and want to face a Mega stunt Racer challenge. This impossible track and hurdles will give you a great challenge to become a super stunt racer. Try this track and let us know. This track will have different hurdles and effects to make it an attractive and stunning monster stunts truck racing game.

The truck Stunts Race game will give you a new challenge in every mission to clear it. Once you clear, you will become a super monster stunt racer 2021 in a 3d truck simulation game. We are here to help you and try this game one time. You will never complete every mission in a single attempt and win 3 stars.

Try this amazing thing inside a game:

  • Three control modes, Tilt, Steering and button
  • Three different camera angle
  • Three different types of hurdles
  • Three different types of mega ramp stunts action
  • Three different GT ramp stunt racing paths to clear a mission
  • Three different points to respawn at a track where you die

Join this truck ramp stunt 3d truck simulator race game with no wifi. This is an interesting stunt that is based on different top-notch effects like slow motion, circle rotation, jumping, avoiding hurdles, staying tuned to clear out hurdles parts, and clearing a free ramp driving game.

Features of Monster Truck Mega Ramp Stunts 3d Truck Simulator

  • Realistic Monster truck on-ramp stunts racing
  • Extreme car/truck stunt racing game
  • Amazing Mega Ramp Stunts 3d graphics
  • professionally-designed ramp and stunts level mission
  • Realistic sounds, effects, and smooth controls(Tilt, Button, Steering)
  • Challenging obstacles and hurdles that get you down
  • Avoid obstacles and hurdles on impossible stunt track
  • Person crazy stunts on mega ramp stunts track
  • Monster truck simulator best for stunt lover
  • Helicopter, bird animation will give you a realistic look
  • Free cash on mega ramp stunts will help you more


  • Document + APK + Source code
  • 20 Levels
  • 64 Bit and aab file Supported
  • InApp Purchases
  • Developer Friendly
  • Easy to reskin
  • Easy to add new levels
  • Very realistic gameplay
  • Smooth controls for playing
  • Awesome and advanced shop-based UI
  • High-Quality 3D graphics

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
Category Racing
Platforms Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021
Frameworks Unity