Monster Truck Stunt Racing

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An Adrenaline-Filled Racing Experience!

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Are you ready for an unforgettable journey for adrenaline junkies and speed lovers? Step into the breathtaking world of offroad racing and open the doors of a real offroad adventure. This exciting game offers you an adrenaline-pumping racing experience and invites you to test your driving skills in nature’s wildest and most challenging conditions. Enjoy the race with different maps, ever-changing weather conditions, and 8 different vehicle options. Test yourself in the heat of the day, in the darkness of the night, in the mysterious depths of the forest, in the hot sands of the desert, on snow-covered mountains, and in many other environments, and use your skills to leave your opponents behind.

Maps Full of Variety and Challenge

This game offers you endless variety. You will have a new experience every time by racing on different maps. Race in different environments, from the mysterious depths of the forest to the hot sands of the deserts, from snow-covered mountains to city streets. These maps will present you with the wildest and most challenging aspects of nature and will push your driving skills to the limit. Additionally, you will have a real driving experience by coping with changing weather conditions. While you enjoy a hot race under the sun, get ready for a tough challenge in rainy and stormy weather conditions. A different challenge and excitement await you at every moment.

Wide Vehicle Options

The most important part of the race is your vehicles! There are 8 different vehicle options in the game, and each has its own features. When choosing vehicles, you have the freedom to choose the one that suits your driving style and preferences. If you are a speed enthusiast, you can choose high-speed sports vehicles. If you are fond of offroad adventures, you can choose durable and powerful vehicles. Each vehicle has its own characteristics, speed, and maneuverability. This introduces a strategic dimension to the game, meaning that your choice of vehicle can affect the outcome of the race.

Upgrade and Customize Your Vehicle

As you progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to upgrade your vehicle. By using the money you earn, you can improve the performance of your vehicle and be one step ahead of your competitors. You can experience a faster driving experience by increasing engine power and improve traction by changing tires. By optimizing the suspension settings, you can achieve better handling in difficult terrain conditions. In this way, you can make your vehicle completely suitable for your style.

Seize Victory with Bonus Options

There are three different bonus options in the game that can help you achieve victory: Magnet, Nitro, and Four-wheel drive. These bonuses give you great advantages during the race and become part of a strategic game. Magnet special power provides the ability to attract coins. Nitro gives an instant speed boost and helps you pass tough obstacles. Four-wheel drive provides better traction in difficult terrain conditions and helps you leave your competitors behind. You can increase your chances of winning races by using these bonuses correctly. Strategy and skill are the keys to victory.

Endless Adventure and Excitement

Are you ready? Fasten your seat belts tightly and embark on this amazing offroad adventure. This journey, where adrenaline and speed will draw you in, will take you to a world full of unforgettable moments. Race and become an offroad legend to capture the victory that awaits you! This game is designed for those who want to push the limits and maximize excitement. Are you ready to experience this unique experience?



  • Education Mode
  • Various monster trucks with different power upgrades in terms of Engine, Suspension, Friction, and Fuel.
  • Adjustable suspension height and wheel size.
  • AI Monster Trucks capable of racing against you.
  • 40 Different Missions: Challenging climbing roads where you can go on forever.
  • 2-player and 4-player racing modes.
  • Maps divided into Desert – Forest – Snowy Peaks. Each map maintains a record distance in Endless mode and rewards Bonus Money when you surpass the record distance
  • Collectible gold coins: Increases in value as you cover more distance.
  • In-game items purchasable with in-game currency;
    Nitro: Increases the speed of the vehicle.
    Magnet: Collects missed coins on the roads.
    4WD: Facilitates challenging climbs.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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Category Casual
Platforms Unity 2021
Frameworks Unity