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2D Multiplayer space shooter template. In one room can play free 20 players with photon. Players can create endless number of rooms. This project includes sprites, menus, in app purchasing, settings, good space map for fighting, interesting combat systems and movements, cool cards for upgrading your ship, different sprites of upgrade, gold and rubbish system with upgrades and more other things.In the main menu you can set your social networks links, set name of your game.Comfortable version controller, in that script you can set link of your hosted txt file with version. (Firebase hosting is very good).There are a lot of cards and previews which are painted by our team.Systems of upgrading spaceships, modules of spaceships, statistics of spaceships woork good. Also there is effect system. It has such effects as freezing, slowing down, disorientation, lack of pumping.Mystery trader exchange your gold to mystery cards which give you more effects.Online is free 20 Players by Photon. You can easily buy more space for players.All features are below.


  • Many our sprites and by MillionthVector (
  • In App Purchasing (skins)
  • Menus: main menu, settings, buying menu
  • Customizable main menu with social networks
  • Main systems: combat, movement, module upgrades, spaceship upgrades, effect upgrades with gold, skin viewer
  • Upgrades with sprites and statistics: speed, shield, ice, rockets, dark singularity, health, damage, regeneration
  • Mystery trader upgrades: Strength, Might, Lucky Destiny, Advanced Training, Strange Crew
  • Effects: all trader upgrades and Disorientation, Immobilization, Freezing, Rage
  • Space map and death Zone in it
  • Pretty nice interface
  • Version controller
  • Resources: gold and rubbish
  • Good soundtrack
  • Joystick and other small details
  • Human race (!And sprites for Alien race in project files!) Installation guide:
    1. Import project
    2. Register Photon account and create Photon PUN project (
    3. Set photon project id in your Unity editor
    4. If you want version controller create firebase hosting and put link to txt file with version in script or just disable version controller panel
    5. For your google play account and in app purchasing – after uploading apk to google play create products with names from scripts. Example: skin_0_1
    6. video:

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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