Offline Titans Clas‪h‬ (Strategy City Building source code)

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This Source code is an offline titans clash and you fight with AI instead of online players

this is a strategy game which you can build your own base and build a large army of different types of robots and spacecrafts, and strategize your battle against artificial intelligence.


  • isometric graphics (2.5D for maximize performance and quality and ease of reskinning)
  • all clash of clans features mines unit upgrade (unit upgrade features can be added easily)
  • online leagues and top players code is available in unity but server codes is not !
  • easily config project (like build time and unit health and …) in Database.xml file
  • online leagues is NOT included
  • ai is player-like and can attack players and will build different enemy base at each player search
  • ai level is going up and becomes harder with player level
  • its have built in ads system to advance faster in the game with unity ads
  • have codes for shop and IAP system (in google play and appstore version of the game IAP sections are unavailable)
  • full in game tutorial : teach players almost everything !

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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