Optical Spectrometer with iPhone

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It’s very unique application that scanning the visible light spectrum by turning the color of the screen and measuring the reflected light via front camera. 

This is the only optical spectrometer application using only build-in components of mobile phone without requiring external tools or devices.


It can be used as base model to develop various applications such as blood-oxygen-meter, colorimeter, etc.


Basic optical spectrometry and colorimetry measurements using built-in front camera and screen.

Optical spectroscopy in the visible light spectrum is a commonly used tool in different fields such as health, manufacturing, art, and forensic research.

Spectrometer implements basic spectrometer functions using the built-in camera and screen without requiring external devices or programs.

  • Visible light spectrum is transformed and mapped to a function that generates GB (Red Green Blue) color values
  • A specific light wavelength can be selected and used to illuminate a desired target (i.e., close to the screen)
  • The whole spectrum or a specific part of the spectrum can be selected and scanned
  • Front camera is used to sense the reflection from the target object
  • Consistent and repeatable reflection/absorption amplitude with respect to the color spectrum
  • The result can be saved and shared
  • Works offline, no need to connect to any network or internet

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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