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NOTE: Please read instructions and guide carefully before entering game.
The scary tales horror game contains different stories, where you will complete task of each story to enter in new story.
You were happy with your wife, and you both were about to enter in new house. But unfortunately your wife has been caught out with deadly and scary ghosts in horror hospital. Now your mission is to take out your wife from scary hospital, but it’s not so easy, unfortunately you have also been caught and locked in a room. You have to follow some instructions and guidelines to complete this chapter.
– Before exiting from locked room try to find out equipment which help you to face deadly ghosts.
-Before moving to next scene collect as many weapons and guns as possible.
-You need 3 digits to unlock room of your wife where she has been locked.
-You can find those numbers in diamond box, but diamond boxes are locked, you need to find keys which were hidden in golden box.
-There are 20 doors and 25 keys in the hospital, before moving to next room, make sure to collect everything in current room.
-Be alert as scary ghosts are hidden in room, make sure you are ready with equipment before entering the room.
-once you are dead you will be again locked in a room, and you will have total 5 days to rescue your wife.
– Your wife has struck in a detention room, but the room is locked with 3 digits.
– Your aim is to collect 3 digits of that room, which hidden in locked diamond box.
– To find keys of diamond box, you need to search 3 golden boxes which contains diamond box keys.
– Before moving don’t forget to collect all equipment and weapons, which will help you to face horror ghosts.
– There are 20 doors in the hospital and 25 keys, don’t forget to find keys before moving to next room.
– You will be having total 5 days to find your wife and escape from hospital.



  • ADMOB and INAPPS incuded.
  • One Story Mode.
  • Weapons like akm, rifle, sniper, Shot gun, crowbar, pistol, grenade, and many more.
  • types of ghosts, which follow player in certain distance using nav mesh agent.
  • Collectable Inventory objects like weapons, Grenade, health pickups and more.
  • Collectable keys to open door, access card to access door.
  • All mobile inputs included.

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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