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Play the classic Scrabble game you know and love! With the official board, tiles, and Scrabble word dictionaries, only Scrabble – The Classic Word Game delivers the authentic crossword game experience.?

Game rules :

Up to four players can play this game. The object is to score more points than one’s opponent. A player collects points by placing words on the game board. Each letter has a different point value, so the strategy becomes to play words with high scoring letter combinations.

A game board is made of up cells in a square grid and has 15 cells wide and 15 cells high. The game tiles fit within these cells one to a cell using drag & drop.

Game is played with exactly 100 tiles. 98 of these tiles contain letters on them, while there are 2 joker tiles with “*” on it. The jokers substitute for any letter in the alphabet. Various letters have different point values, depending on the rarity of the letter and the difficulty in playing it. Joker tiles have no point value.
Tile values:
? 0 pts – Joker tile
? 1 pts – A, E, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, U
? 2 pts – D, G
? 3 pts – B, C, M, P
? 4 pts – F, H, V, W, Y
? 5 pts – K
? 8 pts – J, X
? 10 pts – Q, Z

Extra Point Values:
Some squares on the Scrabble board represent multipliers. If a tile is placed on this square, then the tile’s value is multiplied by a factor or either 2x or 3x. Certain tiles multiply the point value of an entire word and not simply the tile on that space.

Double Letter Scores(DL) – Green cells are found isolated on the board. When a tile is placed on this space, that tile’s point value is multiplied by two.

Triple Letter Score(TL) – This is a yellow cell on the board. The tile placed on this square has its points multiplied by three.

Double Word Score(DW) – Blue cells are found running diagonally towards the four corners of the board. When a player plays a word on one of these squares, the point value of the entire word is multiplied by two.

Triple Word Score(TW) – This is a red square on the game board. These are found on the four sides of the board equidistant from the four corners of the board. When a word is played using this square, then the points for the word are multiplied by three.

Note that extra point squares are only usable once. If one player plays a word using this cells, then the next time that space is used to make a word, the point value is not multiplied.

Game start:
At the game start each player receives 7 random letter tiles. Game starts from first player. The player can do one of three things on a turn. The player can place a word, exchange tiles or pass. Most of the time, the player will take the option of playing a word.

Exchanging tiles allows a player to replace anywhere between one and all of the tiles on the player’s rack. If this option is taken, the player cannot do anything else that hand. Therefore, a tile exchange cannot be performed on a turn when the player places a word on the board. A player may pass at any time.

A player begins the game by placing a word on the square at the center of the board.

Turn options:
-> To apply a word drag and drop tiles on board and click apply button.
-> To exchange tiles press Swap button, Select tiles to exchange and press apply.
-> To exchange tiles position, press shuffle button.
-> To cancel a word drag and drop tiles on board, click cancel button.
->To pass your turn press skip button.

Game end:
When all of the tiles have been taken and one player has used all of the tiles on their rack, then the game ends. Also if players skipped their turns in row so much times as the current players count multiplied with 2 game ends. For example, if 2 players skip their turns 4 times in a row. The player who earned the highest score wins.

Accepted words:
Players may place any word which can be found in a standard English language dictionary.


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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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