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—–[Lastest update] Updated on November 02, 2022 —–

– Update project with Unity 2020.2.7f1(64bit)

– Update lastest In-App purchasing Unity plugin with version 4.1.5

– Update lastest Unity Ads, version 4.3.0
– Update lastest Google Play Service plugin Version 0.11.01
– Update Google Admob plugin version 6.1.2
– Update tutorial document

– Optimize performance


—– Updated on January 9, 2020 —–
– Fixed bugs: Check internet time span, Bonus game, show coins in panel
– Update to the latest SDK: Admob, Unity Ads, Unity IAP ..

—– Updated on April 3, 2021 —–

– Fix some minor bugs and optimize game
– Update api all services plugins: Ads, IAP,Leaderboard..
– Update document tutorial more easy, detail and clear

– Update project with Unity 2019.4.10f1(64bit)

Slot Machine is an extremely popular game and there are many players who are constantly searching and playing it daily on mobile devices.

We will provide you with a sample Project Slot Machine with the full features of a Slot Machine made with Unity, with easy customization.

Slot Machine is very suitable for Classic Game Casino project:

Let’s check it out!


  • Made with Unity – the leading engine for game development! (Require Unity 2020 .2.7f1 (64-bit) or higher!)
  • Combo 3 in 1 Slots Machine!
  • Easy to config all elements in game, like: Change Icon size, Icon speed, Bet Amount, Icon Animation…etc with insert your parameters in Unity Editor
  • Realtime Internet Daily Gift for free Coins Now, users can not change the time on the phone to receive gifts.
  • Push Local Notification– A great way to keep users coming back to the game without asking for any additional permissions when you publish
  • In-apps purchase 
  • Ad monetization system with Admob and Unity Ads
  • Share Native with Image and subject,title, link…
  • 35 achievements for reward coins is available, easy to add new achievements (Everything just fill in the parameters in Unity Editor).
  • Bonus game included!
  • iOS and Android Ready!
  • Full detail tutorial document file included!

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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