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Feel free to have one of the app that could make you earn you well! It’s a new Vegas Style slot machine app where you can play amazing slot machines anytime anywhere from your mobile device! Try your luck! A lot of challenging levels with beautiful design are waiting for you. Spin, hold, and nudge your way to riches.


  1. You can play without Internet Connection
  2. Very Easy to reskin (only 10 – 15 images to reskin)
  3. Compatible with 64 bits iOS
  4. Admob ads integrated!
  5. HIGH ECPM, good revenue!

How to Reskin


  1. Open “Slots777SellChupa” folder, you will find “background-iPad.png” and “background-iPhone.png”. Change those images!
  2. Open “Resources” –> “character”, you will need to change char1.png to char6.png
  3. You also need to changes some images inside “Resources” folder.

Configuring Admob: open SurfSlotMachineAppDelegate.h and change:

  3. SHOWINTERSTITIALNUM –> ads to show after x number of spins

Leaderboard Configuration: open RootViewController.m and change “kLeaderboardID”

Setup: To change the payout that user will get, check on LetsSlotMainGameNode.m, and then look at: static int jackpotLevel[8] = {800, 80, 40, 25, 10, 5, 2, 2};//jawad and compare it with the table payout on “background-iPad.png” or “background-iPhone.png”. jackpotLevel[0] for char1.png that shows 3 times! (800, 1600, 2500) jackpotLevel[1] for char2.png that shows 3 times! (80, 160, 240) jackpotLevel[2] for char3.png that shows 3 times! (40, 180, 120) jackpotLevel[3] for char4.png that shows 3 times! (25, 50, 75) jackpotLevel[4] for char5.png that shows 3 times! (10, 20, 30) jackpotLevel[5] for char6.png that shows 3 times! (5, 10, 15) jackpotLevel[6] — NOT USED jackpotLevel[7] — NOT USED Why jackpotLevel[6] and jackpotLevel[7] not used? 1. We only use 6 characters 2. Look at function “int GetWinMultiplyValue(int *a)” and we only check i from 0 to 5. notice that: a. if 3 cherry shows the value is 25 b. if any 2 cherry or all bars value is 5 c. if any 1 cherry, payout is 2 Those are writte under function “int GetWinMultiplyValue(int *a)”, look at this snippet: (line 725) //hammyhack if (cherryCnt == 3) { return 25; } if (cherryCnt == 2) { return 5; } else if (cherryCnt == 1) { return 2; }


NOTICE: all the payout is multiply by how many credits you bet. Let say you get 3 cherries, your payout is 25. If you bet by 3, you will get 75! Let say you get 2 cherries or 3 bars, you payout is 5. If you bet 2 credits, you will get 10. BUT, exception for the char_0.png, the payout is 800, 1600, and 2500. So we do if case on line 1034, and it looks like these: if([jackp isEqualToString:@”jack”] && mBet==1) winValue=800;//jawad else if([jackp isEqualToString:@”jack”] && mBet==2) winValue=1600;//jawad else if([jackp isEqualToString:@”jack”] && mBet==3) winValue=2500;//jawad those snippet is inside function: “-(void) update:(ccTime) dt “


find word “hackyhack_test_block” inside LetsSlotMainGameNode.m, and uncomment those blocks. if you set tmp = 1, that means you put 95% probability to get char_1.png in the end! if you set tmp = 0, that means you put 95% probability to get char_0.png in the end! (or the highest value in this game)! that is how you test the payout that you will want to change!

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Platforms iOS 8.0.x, iOS 8.1.x, iOS 9.0.x, iOS 9.1.x, iOS 9.2.x
Frameworks Native iOS
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