Squid Game (Red Light – Green Light)

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This game is simulate the famous Squid Game series in 3 levels

Round 1: Red Light, Green Light.

In Squid Game, the leader is a giant doll that lets players move when her head is turned to a big tree. While she’s not looking, she chants “the Hibiscus flower has bloomed”, which is what Korean kids say instead of “red light, green light”. While she is chanting, players are allowed to run towards her. When she stops and turns, whoever moves is shot to death, and you can’t fool her – her eyes have motion detectors.

Round 2: Sugar Honeycombs.

In this game, each player gets a circular tin that can be opened up to reveal a sugar honeycomb with one of four different shapes modelled into it: a circle, a triangle, a star or an umbrella. Armed with nothing but a needle, the players have to carve out the shapes without breaking their design – if the shape doesn’t come out whole, the player is killed. Simple, right? The only problem is: the sugar honeycomb is extremely fragile, and can break in pieces if you’re not careful. While most players use the needles to make tiny incisions on the edges of each shape (which takes forever), Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) realizes that making the sugar honeycombs wet is the best way not to break them, as they get softer and it gets easier to carve out the shapes without breaking them.

Round 3: Tug Of War.

Easily one of the best rounds in Squid Game, the tug of war challenges each group of players into using all their strength and the best of their skills to make the other group fall to their death. There is only one rule: pulling on a thick rope to make the opposing team fall past the center mark. In order to make that happen, anything goes: psyching out the adversary group, pulling with all your strength, and other techniques.


  1. Easy To Reskin.
  2. Unity Ads (Interstitial – Banner).
  3. Advanced 3D Main Menu (PlayButton,SettingButton,ExitButton).
  4. Ultra Quality.
  5. Support 64bit.

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