Sudoku – Brain and Puzzle Game

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➤ Ready for PUBLISH! 
➤ Don’t need the programming skills!
Easy for Reskin
➤ Easy for customization
Create EASY – EARN Quickly!




Sudoku Brain Puzzle Game is a welcomed and addictive Brain Sudoku puzzle game.
You can get complete project from here.
You get 3000+ challenging Sudoku puzzles to train your brain. 
Use it like a complete game or add more levels and your own UNIQUE game design built on proven Unity 3D technology.
Concentrate only on the Game Design. You don’t need programming skills!


➤ You don’t need to hire a programmer to insert advertising network or Implementing IAP. We did it for you! 


We work a lot on the project, that you get a quality product. That allows you to earn good money Both from Ad Monetization and In-App Purchasing.

you can make your own puzzle game , sudoku game , block puzzle game , Quiz Game , casual puzzle game etc.

Product is constantly developing. You can be sure about the quality of the product and quick support.
Please, if you have questions or wishes, write us a comment below!
We will support you as soon as possible!


What’s In the Box?


➤ Ready to Release with Beautiful Graphics!

Optimized for Mobile

➤ Full Complete Project + Daily New Sudoku Puzzles

➤ No need programmer skills!

Easy to Reskin – Just Change Images and Sound Files And you are good to Go!

➤ Create EASY – EARN quickly!


☆ Gameplay 


#Top Grossing Game

➤ 3000+ Unique well-made tested Sudoku Puzzles

Daily New Sudoku Puzzles (Anti-Cheat Integrated) – Complete Daily Challenges and collect cup.

Sudoku puzzles come in 4 difficulty levelseasy Sudoku, medium Sudoku, hard Sudoku and expert Sudoku. Perfect for Sudoku beginners and advanced players.

Pencil Mode – Turn on / turn off pencil mode as you like.

Highlight Duplicates – to avoid repeating numbers in a row, column and block.

Intelligent Hints – guide you through the numbers when you get stuck

Themes – Choose the theme that makes it easier for your eyes.

Turn on/ off sound effects

Auto remove notes from all columns, rows and blocks once the number is placed

Auto-save – Pause the game and resume the game without losing any progress

Sudoku online & Sudoku offline

Use dark mode to protect your eyes

Intuitive interface with Beautiful Design and UI

9×9 Grid

Very Calm and Relaxing Background Music Playlist

Complete set of unique graphics, animations and effects!

Life System Integrated


☆ Ad Network & Monetization


➤ Ad mob Mediation – Facebook, Unity and 50+ Ad Networks to Choose

➤ Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded Video

Earn Second Chance and Get Hints by watching Rewarded Ads

Ad Set-up Editor


☆ In-App Purchasing 


We Added 5 Different IAP Packs for users which will increase your direct revenue. 

In-App Purchase – Shop System for Different packs

  • For Novices – Get 50 Hints
  • For Beginners – Get 150 Hints
  • For Advance – Get 300 Hints
  • For Genius – Get 500 Hints
  • Remove Ads 

IAP’s editor – allows to set the cost and number or get them directly from google

Localized Price for Products


☆ Push Notifications & Analytics


In-built Firebase Analytics for track your game data -> This will Help you to Get More users for your game.

Daily Repeatable / Non-repeatable Push Notification with Custom Icons and Sound.

Firebase Analytics & Crashlytics to see how your app perform in each device.


☆ Bonus Content


➤ All Images and Musics are Royalty free – you can use them in your own projects

Localization tool – localize the game to any language.

Rate Option

Social Sharing on 30+ Social Platforms

Multiple screen sizing for most mobile devices and tablets.

Optimized for Mobile


☆ Essentials for Games


Uses Latest Version of Unity (2021.3.12f1) with free license.

Supports IL2CPP 64 Bit Architecture

Beginner Friendly Project (No need to have Priore Knowledge of Game Development)

Professional, complete and extensive C# source code

Support build Android App Bundle (AAB) -> Android API Level 33 Supported

➤ World Class 24/7 Support – less than 10 min reply.


These features provide you the best opportunities!

Grab The Opportunity and,

● Save a time
● Don’t need a programming skill
● Unique level design
● Clear documentation
● Easy for improvement

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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