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About the Game

Top-down multiplayer online shooting is top 1 trending game category. For example “Brawl Stars” of SuperCell. 

This game is getting very good revenue, about $100 per day (without any promotion)


If you are looking for an amazing multiplayer shooting game to show your excellent skills, this game is best game for your choice!

“Super Battle Online” – Exciting battle game, battle royale game, battlegrounds game, online game.

This is a completely online multiplayer shooting game, in 3D top-down graphics.

You will be fascinated by the fierce battles between you and the other players, or with your friends. The best is the winner, but if you want to be the best you have to use excellent skills, a quick mind and a great reflex.

Run, dodge, shoot and use the right items, combining these with proficiency, you will become an expert.

Beside your skills, have many weapons, item to you use. Guns, secondary weapon, bomb, rocket…many and many. You can pick up your favorites and starting defeat the other players!


– MULTIPLAYERS, REAL-TIME BATTLES: Enjoy multiplayer, online, real-time battles to defeat the other players.

– DEFEAT ALL MONSTERS, KILL BOSS to save the world!

– LOTS OF WEAPONS: There are a lot of Guns and Secondary Weapon for you choose. Each weapon have different ability. For example: gun “Battleworn Phase Gun” can slow move speed’s enemy, gun “Hope of the Phoenix” can shoot 2 bullets at the same time. Axe “Bloodied Ebon Broadaxe” will increase Health….

– UPGRADE WEAPON: You can also UPGRADE separate value of weapon, more upgrading, more powerful.

– BREAKTHROUGH WEAPON: Using your WEAPON FRAGS to breakthrough weapon to upgrade weapon to a new level.

– GEMSTONE SYSTEM: There a many Gemstones you can use to get more powerful.

– LOTS OF ITEMS: You can use many items to support during the battle (Bomb, Rocket, Healing, Shield, Buff move speed, Buff Armor…). Use the right item at the right time will help you a lot.

– MANAGE YOUR CHARACTER: There are 4 indices of your character: Health, Armor, Shield and Move Speed. You can also upgrade these indices using level up point (you will gain 1 point after level up).

– SELECT YOUR CHARACTER SKIN: There are a lot of character skin you can select. Each skin will have another benefit. For example: Ninja Skin will help you move faster, Knight skin will help you increase armor…

– DIVERSE DAILY QUEST: You have many quests to do daily (Kill enemy, get victory in battles, using items…). You will get great rewards after complete quests.

– DIVERSE ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM: This game has amazing achievement system. You can earn achievement point after finish an achievement to upgrade your achievement, hight achievement ranking, more character indices bonus.

And many many more features you need to play to discover them!!

What are you waiting for? Come join exciting online battles now!!!!!

Video Gameplay:


Link to apk demo (version





  • Unity 2019.4.5 or above.
  • Support many platform: iOS, Android, OS X, Window.
  • Multiplayer, Online game using “Photon Engine” for real-time, and “PlayFab” for storage data. 
  • Easy to customize, not complicate as you was thinking about 3d game.
  • Very detailed document: you can reskin, customize this game even you are a newbie of Unity.
  • Quick Support 24/7.
  • Huge income from Ads and IAP: This game was integrated a very smart ads system, user are willing to watch video ads many times without discomfort. Also with many IAP items, daily pack…and designed very to good make player want to buy IAP.
  • Good reviews from players: This game have been getting good reviews from players from worldwide, suitable for all ages.
  • Top #6 Trending – if you publish your own game base on this template, you can easily catch trending.


New Updated


  • Fixed crash issue
  • Increased performance
  • Fixed some issues


  • Fixed bug Google Mobile Ads
  • Fixed Desert Map
  • Fixed some language


  • Fixed some bugs


  • Added Halloween map, halloween graphics
  • Fixed some small bugs.



Fixed issue not show value increased after complete breakthrough secondary weapon.



You can easily switch to: 

  • Use local assets mode (no need to download any additional file for the first time play the game)
  • Use assets on server mode (need to download additional file for the first time play the game but less size after build).


Link to the document on Google Drive:





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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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