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With this working ios template, you can download Videos from all the Big Platforms.

the platforms that are included are:
★Youtube/Youtube shorts

For all those platforms we offer Video Downloads


Help Center
we offer an fully fledged out help centre, if the user dont know how to download any Video build in the app, with custom made picture tutorials for every plattform. 

Token System
with the token system we want to drive users to the paid version of the app, its intended that a user needs one token to download a Video from every plattform. the tokens get renewed every 4 hours and they can have up to 6 tokens.

(you can change the time for renewing a token or remove it completly)

No Watermarks
at the moment we offer Watermark removal for TikTok. If you buy the app the running costs of the servers are completly on our side, you wont have to make any payments or efforts to keep it maintained and running, we take care of that!

Push Notifications
we implemented push notifications for the user, that (if he allows notifications) he gets a notification everytime a token renewes or if he was not active in the app for some time.

In App Ratings
ratings are an important part of ranking in the App Store so we implemented in app ratings to increase the amount of ratings the app gets.
(only works on the supportet plattform: App Store)

In App Purchases/Subscription
as mentiont previously we want to give you the ability to convert users to paying subscribers so we implemented in app Subscriptions,
(only works on the supportet plattform: App Store)
(you can implement 3rd party code if you want to publish the app somewhere else)

we implemented strong analytics for you to track your users, the app also has Firebase Crashlytics, Realtime and Performance. 
(you need to assign your firebase account to the project, that all the data gets displayed to you correctly and all features can be used on the firebase free tier)

we also implemented ads with admob, currently implemented ad formats:
★Native Ads
★Interstitial Ads
★Rewarded Ads
(all the ads run in test mode as placeholders, for you to change the test ads to your real ads and/or make futher changes more easily)

Hashtag Generator
the app also has an Hashtag Generator, where the user can search and find the most popular hashtags from all plattforms and copy them in his clipboard.

Categorized Downloads
in order that the user has good organization, every download is categorized so when a user downloads a Youtube Video it gets saved under Youtube and so on for the other Plattforms. this is crucial when a user downloads many videos that the organisation is not an mess.

Support for all Video Dimensions
the user will download many Videos in different dimensions for example TikTok dimensions are 9:16 or youtube with 16:9, the app supports all the different formats that everything gets displayed correctly.

users can also save videos into their phone gallery, this makes it easier to repost the videos on different plattforms or shareing it with friends and family.

the app has an onboarding process wich guides the user threw all the features the app has.

Video Preview 
the app offers a video preview screen on some plattforms, that the user can see what video he is downloading, currently supportet plattforms:



all in all this is a very powerfull video downloader Template, with lots of features!



if you want to use this product commercialy make sure that you comply with all the 3rd party guidelines and hoster guidelines you want to publish that product on Websites/App Stores.

Used for Development: Swift, Objective-C

Download link for Testing
(put this link in your Safari browser on your IOS Device and you can Download the App and test it)
TikTok video downloads are currently disabled because we are working and improving them!

Last Words
we will developing this ios template further and keep you up to date and hope you have great fun and succses with our product!

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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