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Water Reminder

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  • Water Reminder reminds you to drink enough water. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy and helps you lose weight.
  • Water is the primary liquid of life and makes up approximately 60% of the human body.
  • Water Drink Reminder application is one of the best water reminder apps, with impressively graphics and good UI.
  • Daily using this water drink reminder will keep your body in healthy condition!
  • Water is the main component of the human body; it has many distinct properties that are critical for the proliferation of life.
  • Stay healthy, stay fit and drink enough water!

Application features :

  • Users have to select gender, enter height & weight, weather condition, and other factors; it will help you calculate how much water you should drink per day.
  • Set manually drink water goal.
  • Customized wake-up time and bedtime to drink water within a day.
  • Everyday drink water reminder.
  • Records of daily water intake.
  • Customizable water container with standard or metric (ml) units.
  • Generate graph report based on a log history of date record.
  • You can set reminder automatic and manually.
    1. You can set an automatic reminder with wake-up time and bedtime and interval.
    2. You can set a manual reminder with specific time with weekdays.
  • You can change reminder sound.(Notification sound)
  • You can also able to add water from a widget.

Code description:

  • Native elements
  • Java language
  • Admob ads
  • Support Android 9.0 to 12.0 version

Benefits of drinking water:

  • Forms saliva (digestion)
  • Allows the body’s cells to grow, reproduce and survive
  • Water is the major component of most body parts
  • Flushes body waste, mainly in the urine
  • Needed by the brain to manufacture hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Regulates body temperature (sweating and respiration)
  • Acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord
  • Lubricates joints
  • Converts food to components needed for survival – digestion
  • Helps deliver oxygen all over the body

We are offering free and paid support with this application

Free support includes:

  • We will help you to import this project into your android studio on your laptop/pc.
  • We will also help you to build and generate apk.

Paid support includes:

  • Any design changes in existing app.
  • Any new feature development.
  • Publish app on Google play store.
  • Getting Started

    To start with the project you have to perform some simple tasks.

    Download Android Studio

    File>Open>Choose WaterReminderbyFlagg>Ok

    1. Import the project into your Android Studio.
    2. Modify admob ads into the project.
    3. Changing the basics of project like app name, package name.
    4. Reskinning the project with changing the graphic content present in the project.res
    5. Deploy in the play store.

    Changing Package Name

    To change package name
    Right click on your project in Studio, scroll down to Android Tools, and then click on Refactor- Rename Application Package.

    Enter your name and hit Ok


    Changing App name

    In Android Studio Go to
    then you will see a line like this


    1. <string name=”app_name”>Water Reminder</string>

    change this to

    1. <string name=”app_name”>YOUR_NAME</string>


    Yep thats it . These are the only step you need to worry about . Each step is explained in detail given below.

    Importing code into Android Studio

    To import the code into your Android Studio do the following steps

    1. Click on File
    2. Select New Project
    3. Select Java Language

    Eg – you have put code in C drive then put the path as Local Disk C
    In the following list you will be shown the list of projects that you can select Then select Water Reminder

     <>1.Change these values with your own values

    the code. Just copy the code and paste into the same place where you imported your Android Studio project. Normally it is C:Users<– your computer user name–>workspace

    To import the services do the following steps

    In Android Studio Go to
    then you will see a segement which says values for Google Play Leaderboards


    Removing Errors(If any)

    If you recieving any errors most likely R cannot be resolved to a variable or android cannot be resolved to any type then do the folllowing

    1. Run app in Android Studio
    2. Select Logcat
    3. Then open Logcat
    4. You will see error



    Changing Color for app backgrounds

    Open the code in Android Studio then go to project directory then res–> values —> colors then you will see a lines like given below

    <color name=”white”>#ffffff</color> <color name=”background”>…..</color> <color name=”….”>…..</color>


    Change the color to any of your need

    Search for this function – randomColorGetter

    Here you will see complete color list.

    Changing Graphics

    To change graphic images Go to your project folder -> res>drawable
    you will see folders like

    Thes folders contain graphics that are used in the app for different types of devices
    Just change the images to your images and DO NOT RENAME YOUR NEW IMAGE TO A DIFFERENT NAME


    To change the text present in game do the following steps

    In Android Studio Go to

    Change the text to whatever you need.

Adding Admob ads and Publish

Note – This section is only for users using Google admob ads. If you dont want to use admob then skip this step. However you will be getting some errors due to missing library files. These errors will be removed by removing Adrequest and Adview varaibles.(Just delete the lines causing errors)

Another folder for google play services are provided with the code. Just copy the code and paste into the same place where you imported your Android Studio project.

To import the services do the following steps

Open the app in Android Studio then go to app–> manifest —> manifest.xml then change the app id

Open the app in Android Studio then go to res–> values —> strings then you will see a line like given below


For Release App -Build>Generate Signed Bundle/APK…>Next>keystore>release>finish

You can add the resulting Aab file to the Play Store

Upload the resulting aab file to Play Console


-Graph and logs of your schedule

-Admob Ads integrated.

-New Material Design.

-Android 10,11,12


-Download Android Studio

-Import Project

-Change App Name

-Change App icon

-Change Application Package Name

-Change admob id

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

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