Word Connect Puzzle

Word Connect Puzzle

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Word Connect is a popular type of puzzle game where you must find words using only the letters shown in a circle. Swipe to selected the letters and try to find all the hidden words! This asset supports both grid and list type puzzles. 


● Level Creator Window tool which lets you create/edit levels. Batch mode lets you create multiple randomly generate levels at once. 
● Create both grid type levels and list type levels. 
● Comes with over 1000 levels split into 10 Packs and 5 Categories per pack for a total of 50 Categories. 
● Pack, Categories, and Levels can be edited, added to, or you can remove them all and create your own. 
● Add a unique color and image to each pack which is displayed when a level from that pack is played. 
● Three types of hints: Random (Shows a random letter), Multi-Hint (Shows multiple random letters), and Target Hint (Lets the player pick a letter to show). 
● Awards Game Points to the player when levels are completed. 
● Awards coins when categories are completed.
● Awards coins for each extra word found.
● Add a unique color and image to each pack which is displayed when a level from that pack is played.
● AdMob and Unity Ads integration, banner (AdMob) and Interstitial Ads. 
● Unity IAP integration to remove Ads and purchase coins. 
● Clean, formatted, and commented code. 
● Designed for Android and iOS

Version Changes


  • Improved saving so that it does not save level data it does not need to, reducing the save file size.
  • Fixed bug with save data where if a level file is changed, progress would be wiped up to that level.
1 Review

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Milan Italiya on 26 Feb 2020, 10:02:53

is the app is the same as the reference link of play store?

how many levels are there in-app?

how can I create new levels?

Nick Fagan Author on 02 Mar 2020, 20:43:12

Yes it is the same. There are 1000+ levels. It comes with a level creator you can use to create levels.

Sareeya benarlee Buyer on 10 Feb 2020, 14:42:31

Hi Sir,


I’m new to unity, I got a problem with IAP, I follow your manual by going to window –> IAP Setting and enable IAP but while I chick enable , IAP and ads setting options disapper with errors below.


please help to solve this issue.

Thank you.



Sell My App Support on 10 Feb 2020, 15:09:05

Hi Sareeya benarlee, thank you for your purchase! The author will reply to you soon

Nick Fagan Author on 10 Feb 2020, 19:48:50
SebastianPM Buyer on 28 Jan 2020, 14:33:34



I opened Project in unity 2018.2 .0f2


Ads enabled

but when run i got this error

Stopped polling job due to exception: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. —> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at UnityEditor.Android.AndroidSDKTools.RunCommand………………..


can you help me


Nick Fagan Author on 28 Jan 2020, 21:46:21

Hello, looks like that’s a bug with Unity and the admob sdk. Try updating your Unity version to the latest.

SebastianPM Buyer on 23 Jan 2020, 08:46:08

Hi  Nick,

I downloaded admob SDK as per documentation,then i click Detect SDK,nothing happens but showing


AssetDatabase.FindAssets: Folder not found: ‘Packages’

UnityEditor.AssetDatabase:FindAssets(String, String[])


The line ending in the following files are inconsistent do you want to normalize the line endings

and showing lot of c sharp code files(around 34)


i didn’t noticed any of above issues  before downloading and installing  ” GoogleMobileAds-v4.2.1.unitypackage ”  .it occurs after trying to enable admob as per documentation

could you please help me


Sell My App Support on 23 Jan 2020, 12:38:23

Hello SebastianPM,

Thank you for your report, the Author was notified about your message and will respond to you at the earliest available opportunity.

Kind regards.

Nick Fagan Author on 23 Jan 2020, 20:09:17

Hello, make sure your Unity is set to the Android or iOS platform in build settings.

SebastianPM Buyer on 01 Feb 2020, 07:57:55

OK that issue solved


after importing IN-APP Purchasing package from Service window and clicked Enable IAP button


i get two errors


AssetsWordConnectFrameworkScriptsIAPIAPManager.cs(105,65): error CS0103: The name ‘StandardPurchasingModule’ does not exist in the current context



AssetsWordConnectFrameworkScriptsIAPIAPManager.cs(249,37): error CS0246: The type or namespace name ‘IAppleExtensions’ could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)


Using Unity latest version,ads enabled,issue only in IAP

Can you help me


idris budak on 21 Dec 2019, 03:47:13

Can I translate to a different language.

Nick Fagan Author on 21 Dec 2019, 05:07:39

It doesn’t come with any localization system however it functions with any UTF-8 characters so words from other languages will work.

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 27 Nov 2019, 19:56:38

I need help with this app please

Nick Fagan Author on 27 Nov 2019, 20:00:31

What kind of help do you need?

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 27 Nov 2019, 20:42:10

Can i direct message you somehow? it says this is public.

Sell My App Support on 28 Nov 2019, 11:33:25

Hi everyone, in order to keep both buyer and seller protection please use only the thread here to communicate about any issues you have. Thanks.

Sellmyapp Team on 28 Nov 2019, 11:44:16

Hello @Everyone,
Let us remind you about the Support Chat option for Buyers and Sellers.
Therefore, just let us know in case you are interested in and we will promptly arrange the chat.
Kind Regards.

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 07 Dec 2019, 08:49:08

So i am new to unity and i am trying to add more levels to this game but can you help me understand what the row and colcount are and also i noticed they all have “Id” like this ,”id”:”e72eec75ac46b24deef3741474e49cc5″} ” why is that and how do i get or generate an id for a new row


ThinkIt49 Buyer on 07 Dec 2019, 08:52:42

One more question in the scene view it has main grid and main view. is there a reason why? they both seem to work the same way

Nick Fagan Author on 07 Dec 2019, 19:32:12

The project comes with a tool to generate level files, select the menu item “Window -> Word Connect Level Builder” and that will open an editor window which is used to create level files. There’s more info in the documentation about how to use this window (located in the folder Assets/WordConnect/Documentation).


Are you talking about the Main_Grid and Main_List scenes? Those are just two different ways of displaying the levels in game, they both are functionally the same.

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 07 Dec 2019, 22:27:36

I have tried that and it’s not working for me do you mind using teamviewer for not more than 5 mins to help me generate one and i’ll take it from there I have 3. txt files each with 1000 words. however when i put it the level builder in the possible words to add it only let’s me add one word from the whole file

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 07 Dec 2019, 22:45:41


ThinkIt49 Buyer on 08 Dec 2019, 00:50:13

i was able to add new pack.. so discard that., back to the level thing i’m still having a hard time

ThinkIt49 Buyer on 08 Dec 2019, 18:50:29

I think it’ll be nice if you can make a video showing how to add levels. Please Nick

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