Workout Player (Automated)

Workout Player (Automated)


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Workout Player is automated player for workouts which are created from different exercise elements. The player will split the screen into two sections of which the top section is the active exercise and the section below is the upcoming (next) exercise of the specific workout.


Workouts are split into number of exercises/tasks and each exercise can be completed by countdown or by user’s tap if specified. The logic needs to be specified in each element.


The app require login with social media or by creating an email account. It is free to try but it’s configured for subscription (IAP) and the content is displaying accordingly. Free user has limited content and paid user has unlimited access. Subscription can be purchased from the settings area.


All files will be provided. Preview of the app can be viewed from the link of the demo video here.


Google Analytics is configured to track custom parameters and behaviours.


Warm Up Workout

One free workout composed from set of exercises.



Digital clock countdown to measure specific activity. This consist of 3 elements

  • Exercise time (Countdown)
  • Break (Countdown)
  • Laps

User sets the values for each element and how many laps the countdown needs to run. When user selects the ‘Start’ button, first set will execute, starting with exercise countdown. When the time finishes, the break countdown will start. After break is completed, it will change the laps number and it will start all over again. User can swipe the screen from right to left and this will bring differently formatted view if needed.



When a specific workout is selected, detailed screen will be presented with more information about the workout and animation showing the intensity of each component of the workout. 

User can select ‘Speech’ which will enable reading of the individual exercise titles when it will be loaded to the display cell.

The player runs the workout and displays the the exercises in order automatically as the countdown times are completed in each exercise unit.


Monthly Performance

The app automatically logs each workout completed together with basic statistics. When the graph is loaded it displays the user’s performance for the current month, intensity and number of workouts completed. Intensity is displayed by the color intensity 




This feature allows the user to change basic information and/or purchase the subscription



When workout is completed, “like” button appears for subscribers. The number of likes is then displayed in the overview and description of each workout.



When user selects UISwitch to be enabled, the individual exercise will be read to the user


How to Re-Skin

You can change and/or create new color scheme programmatically in the class called “Project Colors


You can change the colors/layout from the Storyboard. Here you can inspect each view controller and change necessary. Just be aware that this app is optimised for iPad and iPhone as an universal app and constraint settings is used to achieve similar layout on different screens and in Portrait/Landscape modes


Technical Information

The App is written in SWIFT 4 for iOS 12 with CoreData (Local database). Cocoa Pods are also installed to allow the following features:

  • Firebase connection – server data content
  • Google Login
  • Facebook Login
  • SwiftyStoreKit – in app purchase (Subscription)

The app is universal, developed and optimised for iPhone and iPad at the same time. It is fully functioning, but you will have to connect your own Facebook page to your new app in order to be able to use the Facebook login feature.

You will have to also connect and register your new app with Google to support the functionality of the following:

  • GoogleSignIn
  • Google Analytics
  • Firebase

9692 Lines of code

Instructions in PDF format is included together with:

  • Workout Parameters example (Mac numbers)
  • Workout Structure plan (PDF)
  • Array logic (png)
  • App Processes (png)
  • CoreData parameters (png)
  • Sound files
  • Logo (Adobe XD)
  • SellMyApp (Adobe XD)
  • Trainer-Processes (Adobe XD)
  • workouts.json (json)
  • Screenshots & images
  • 6 example AI-generated fitness app names




In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
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Category Sports
Platforms iOS 12
Frameworks Native iOS