World conquest: Europe 1812

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Description of the game World conquest: Europe 1812
World conquest: Europe 1812 –
This is a turn-based strategy game with diplomacy and economics dedicated to the Napoleonic Wars of 1812 (1805).

⚫Purpose of the World conquest game: Europe 1812⚫
There are 56 countries to choose from in the game, at the beginning of the game you choose 1 or more countries, and playing as it you must conquer half of the map.

⚫Gameplay of the game World conquest: Europe 1812⚫
The gameplay of the game is that you move armies across the map and capture enemy regions.
Regions can be improved, you can build walls in them, collect armies, etc.
You can recruit 10 units to the army, there are 6 types of units in the game, and they are divided into classes such as: infantry, cavalry, artillery.
Also, the game has diplomacy, diplomacy will allow you to conclude alliances with other countries, trade agreements, exchange gold, and much more.



1) Scenario and map editor
2) Economy
3) Construction
4) Diplomacy
5) Voluntary advertising
6) 56 countries
7) 193 regions
8) Ability to play for multiple countries on 1 device

⚫Arcade Mode⚫
In the game, the ad can be used to unlock the arcade mode,
after unlocking it, arcade mode can be turned off and on in the pause menu.

⚫Main Features of Arcade Mode⚫
1) unlimited movement, and editing of all armies and troops on the map
2) setting up all regions on the map without a limit
3) everything is free for the player
4) all countries accept all diplomatic offers from the player
5) the ability to add gold to the player, or other countries

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In order to ask a question you need to log in or register as a user for free.

14 days Money back guarantee policy
Development Hours
Category Arcades
Platforms Android 4.1.x
Frameworks Unity